Engine software usb 3.0 issue with 2.3.2 version


I have updated the engine software on my Mac mini and now none of my usb sticks will work. I keep getting the message to use the usb you will need to reformat it to exfat or exfat 32

All my usb sticks are in the format of exfat and I have changed them to every other format and bought a new usb 3.0 and the same issue is happening - I keep changing the usb back and forward to exfat and exfat32 and uninstalled the software and reinstalled it but nothing works and I’ve been using engine software for years and no issue until the update

I have deleted & uninstalled engine from my Mac mini but I’m still getting the same issue that the desktop software will not let me transfer music onto the usb as it say it needs to be changed to exfat or exfat 32 but it already is

Also my usb sticks and working fine on my prime 4 so this is definitely an engine software issue

Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this ?

Are You running Mac OS Ventura?

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Yes I think that’s the problem

Ventura is not supported yet.

Thanks my mac updated automatically and I thought I had auto updates off