Engine Prime minimized after start up will not load

New user Installed fresh Engine all looked fine set up ITunes collection fine hit Minimized in top right hand corner which it did, Now will not come back off taskbar (only close) Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but immediately after initialising start up screen it goes back minimised and will not open. Now noticed that have to close it using task manager and it says there are 7 sessions open!

@Matt_Ball Hi and welcome to the forums. can you give some information about what version OS and Engine you used?

Hi Addie, Thanks, Its Windows 10 64 bit The Engine was fresh download this week Says V2.2.0 when initialising then vanishes to taskbar and refuses to maximise or even close unless forced. It did work OK for the first 24 hours until I minimised the program. Have not managed to transfer any music to the controller yet.

That sounds similar to a problem I had last year, Have a look at the link below, & in particular the reply from PKtheDJ & the solution he linked to.

THATS IT!!! Thank you so much

MCX800 After some fiddling around I fixed it in the following way. I have Win10 btw. Put the pointer on the windows taskbar where the engine icon is. A miniature screen will appear representing the engine application. I right clicked on the miniature and selected ‘maximise’. This did the trick for me

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