Engine Prime 2.0 Crates / Playlists... why did it change!?

why on earth did they change that??

we had Crates we had Playlists

why on earth did they change THAT ??


Let me guess

  1. It was confusing a bit having both that largely did the same thing

  2. What are you missing in the new playlist ?

I had to go back to Engine 1.6.1 to get the libraries back! About 70% of libraries are missing from Engine 2.0 - why?


I have to admit, I am not AT ALL happy with the Crate/Playlist merger either.

I LOVED it the way it was…it wasn’t confusing at all! If anything, now it’s confusing.

Yeah, coming from Serato, the Crate/Playlist structure made so much sense to me. To be honest, it’s going to be sooooo hard for me to adapt to this change. It’s like two steps forward, one GIANT LEAP backward! I absolutely LOVE that Y’all added ‘Ableton Link’. I’ve wanted that functionality on a media deck for so many years. But, I have Folders with Sub-Folders, and Sub-Folders within those. I have my Library exactly like I want it. It blows soooo hard that Y’all did this. ::sigh::


I like the new way much better. I already made my playlists genre specific and some energy/mood specific. I love my songs having an numeric order. This is great!

Hi @anon6111669 - The decision to merge Crates and Playlists came from user feedback. It was found by most to be confusing when both container types performed very similar duties.

Pretty sure you can still do everything you did before, but now with Playlists. You can freely sort and organize Playlists as well as the content within those lists as needed.

With 2.0, you can now drag desktop folders into Engine DJ, and it will create a Playlist structure based on the folder structure (including child or nested folders).

I do need to remind you, to please be respectful while making contributions in this forum. The team worked incredibly hard on this release, and comments as yours above will not be tolerated. This is a friendly and safe DJ community.


whilst most serato users were familiar with crates, i think the none serato guys found it a bit confusing. I was still explaining the difference between the crates and playlists to someone prior to the update dropping

give it time…it may grow on you.

apart from the playlist allowing duplicates …i’m not sure there are major differences…i could be wrong


How do you delete your account? I had it with this forum.


Thank you and thanks to the team! Im glad that crates merged with playlists. Much more convinient and simplified when you can still sort your playlists how you like.


Alright, I’m gonna’ give it a chance. Haha, ‘Ableton Link’ kinda’ trumps any other complaints I have. Now, that I’ve thought about it a bit more, and have read some comments/explanations, perhaps it’s not as bad as I initially thought. So long as I can continue to have parent/child lists I suppose I can adjust.


Good stuff.

Now i want to see all those Ableton link requesters flooding youtube with routines :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Macarena layered with MPC…anyone?

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From my point of view it’s an awesome update, I use Rekordbox at our residency so didn’t want to introduce yet another file management software into the equation… before today each time I resorted my playlist (RB analysed) it would revert back to artist order, now it sticks with the preference I give it, usually BPM or date added. This means I can continue to use RB to keep my USBs up to date then have playlists across both devices.

On Serato I never use sub crates anyway so it was always just a crate in Serato matched a playlist in RB, which matched a folder in finder.

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What happens to all my crates and hundreds of sub-crates when I do this upgrade?

Will every crate & sub-crate become a separate playlist?

  • crates turn into playlists

  • subcrates turn into sub-playlists

same crates/subcrates structure that you currently have…just called playlists now

Non ce n’est absolument pas la même chose. C’est le truc le plus stupide que vous ayez inventé depuis la sortie de EP ! Et tout ça juste pour être au maximum compatible avec tout ceux qui viennent de recordbox et pioneer et leur faire plaisir. Pas une seconde vous n’avez pensé à ceux qui ont passé des milliers d’heures à créer des dossiers et des playlists séparés et qui s’étaient habitués à travailler comme ça parce qu’ils étaient chez Denon depuis longtemps. Je ne ferai pas cette mise à jour qui ne sert à rien. Je vais finir l’année avec le Prime 4 et fini Denon, j’irai voir ailleurs. Continuez à vendre des interrupteurs à 1800 euro pour allumer vos putains d’ampoules Philips !


Wich Denon Maschine should i buy to work with dynamic playlist ?

I had crates and playlists too. It doesn’t change much. You’ll have the same basic structure, you can sort the same way you sorted before.


I’m in favor of merging crates and playlists. Got tired of managing both. Thank you Engine DJ Team!


I like the fact now I can drop my dj folder straight in and to me that is like crates and then I just create playlist the new engine dj still does not sync back playlists created on prime machine. The thing I love most now is I drop a folder in with 18k songs and bam engine dj anyalsed them fro 1-18k without crashing once that was my biggest gripe. only niggle I have so far when adding new songs to my dj folder if I drop the folder onto the folder in engine dj it creates another so maybe when updating if you can’t remember which folders you have added delete the folder playlist and add it back unless I’m missing something.

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Exactly this.

When I was doing beta testing I was like… wait what. Why?

Then I started using it and realized nothing really changed for me.

I could use them as playlists, or use them as crates. I can still sort by BPM, Name, Key, etc etc as I would have done before as them being crates. But IF I wanted them in a predefined order they are…