Engine Prime 1.5 almost ready

@MixMasterG_ATGR.nl never had an issue with an update. Always all went smoothly.

If you encountered any issues then just check if You are doing the update correctly. All updates I had went good.

I use only engine prime.

I think this is holding the Prime team back with developing the dynamic beatgrids. Players on an older firmware still need to be able to play tracks and show the correct beatgrid information even when they do not yet support dynamic beatgrids.

It is very import that there is no fragmentation on a firmware level. Any Engine Prime prepared USB should work on any Engine OS firmware/hardware.

They should be to leave the mcx 8000 out from these dynamic beatgrids ? To let dynamic Beatgrids come to all our full real primes?

Well they should implement it in such a way that future exported USB’s can still be read by the MCX8000 (or any Prime player) without a firmware update.

USB’s exported in the newest version of Engine Prime, when dynamic beatgrid become a thing, should still show beatgrids on older players, as non-dynamic in that case.

Kinda like how USB’s exported in older versions of Rekordbox still show the old style NXS blue/white waveforms when plugging into a NXS2 player (with RGB on).

If there fragmentation than you will never know if your USB will work on THAT specific prime player. It is already a nightmare to ask a promoter if a Pioneer DJ system is NXS or NXS2, let alone ask for a firmware version.

These are my thoughts exactly. I happen to know a bit about the inner working of Engine Prime. It is possible to implement dynamic grids and remaining back-worth compatibility but it requires a bit of trickery and on gear on older firmware the grid would still be static with warping.

It’s something the whole industry has to keep in mind. We call it “remmende voorsprong” in Dutch, would translate to “slowing down lead” e.g. Native Instruments can’t implement user selectable colors for cues/loops in Traktor without giving up back worth compatibility.

Totally agree, just look at what Pioneer DJ is doing. The reason they moved RGB waveforms to a seperate ANLZ file is because the older players would be unable to load such a big (relatively) file in memory.

The easiest solution, in my opinion, is to just add a separate database/table with the new dynamic beatgrid data, however if you keep doing this over time the database will become a big mess.

I hope they actually optimize the DB in these updates. The databases are easy to corrupt and massively larger than other software.

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Lucky you.

The forum is rife with posts about peripherals not coming online in and around when an update was done.

I will not take that chance with a venues gear if I’m not the resident.

I may take such chance with pioneer as they have been doing this for a hot minute. But it’s still a risk and you have to be ready if anything goes wrong with a way to fix that.

Not once not twice I have been called from neighboring clubs to sort out bricked media players due to a guest dj updating the firmware.

I will only update the firmware if there is something that won’t work without the firmware.

In my experience it’s usually HID support that requires updating the firmware.

Playing music on USB sticks is usually compatible between firmwares.


Actually the database setup in Engine Prime is pretty smart. I think from all DJ software collection databases (and I know the big names very well) it’s by far my most favourite. The fact that everything including artwork and various graphical track presentations (=WAV forms for various on screen purposes and resolutions) are all contained in the database makes EP extremely flexible.

I’ve abused my EP databases pretty much over the past 3 years of Prime use, but never ever did I have a corrupt database. But I welcome a smart and solid backup system with on player recovery possibility (the latter is very important because that is the critical moment that things can go wrong)

Sorry guys, but where can i load the engine Prime V1.5??

regards from germany

When Denon DJ decides to publish the new version, you will find it here as always. For now it is only an anticipation (secret) :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :shushing_face:

Ok!? Thanks - er still wait for the update and also for the Prime OS Update :+1::sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:

I think NoiseRiser is talking about Engine Prime here, not OS.

@Reese This part of the discussion was about firmware (OS) updates derived from the discussion would EP1.5 be back worth compatible with earlier firmware updates.

He is referring to firmware.

His words, Not mine.

I was refering to Engine OS, and added that I use only Engine Prime as management software. So I don’t do any imports from any traktor, rekordbox, vdj, serato or something… all for me so far works great. One issue I had was when I lost hot cues before the gig (I think we had 1.3.xxx software then) but managed to play a good set anyway and dealed with the problem later instead of complaining about it like a winning teenager with too much money. In the end I find both Engine OS and Engine Prime as programs that are maybe not perfect, but good enough to be treated seriously as a working dj tool. Some things need to be smoothed out, but as we know, Denon dev team is working on it. Many djs use it with confidence and with joy. Because this is all about we should have fun and bring great emotions to our crowds on the dance floors.

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Can we sign up for a notification or something ? looks great though, love the preview waveform.

Also, is the update going to be pushed though to 1.3.4 ? or do we have to download it manually ?

thanks !

Yes a nice touch. I would use the he preview column to housekeep tidy but of no my use for picking to choose music.

The batch change of tag is very main use for me. I download Rekordcloud free a Two months ago for the batch tag changing. It will not convert the engine prime data yet but the writer tell of engine prime integration in to the rekordcloud In soon . months. May soon we need only the engine prime and The rekordcloud

Rekordcloud is :fire:

Beast of a tool!

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The players still analyze tracks from Tidal for example… So it would be a natural thing to implement the improved BPM detection on the players as well.

I think they will release for OS and EP right around the same time.