Engine Prime 1.5 almost ready

Guys, I think Engine Prime 1.5 is almost ready for the official release: on the youtube channel it is already possible to see the presentation video of the new functions. Engine PRIME v1.5 Software Update


Nothing about beat grid improvement though… Is that part of the new improvement to BPM detection?


nice find @DjAj! it must indeed be close to release

some points that stood out to me:

• Only “improved” bpm detection not a word about dynamic grids. Since we all scream for this for over 3 years I would imagine that if dynamic grids were part of the update it would be addressed as a feature in the video. Feels like Denon DJ is holding on to it’s ‘warp’ functionality. But we will know when the update lands. My playlist of old soul/funk tracks is ready for analysis.

• (this is speculative, I haven’t played with EP 1.5 yet I take this from the info provided in the video) Backup/restore only seems to work for metadata regarding tracks stored on the drive that holds your OS user “home” folder (usually ~/music/). This means if your tracks are stored on another partition or volume the EP metadata will not be backup’d.

I would like to know if drives prepared with this version of Engine Prime require new firmware on the Prime player side. Or that those drives will keep working with all gear on firmware 1.2.1 or higher.

Since the last released version of the original “Engine” was 1.5, I would have held off on the 1.5 designation and go with a 1.7 to avoid any confusion.

Good news. I think prime 4 new firmware must be around the corner.

The new preview column is a nice touch. Don’t understand why that was never implemented from the beginning. Hoping this will be available soon

Well as you just said, its a “nice touch”. It is not essential functionality so quite understandable that it wasn’t included in the initial versions.

I understand that they are building the whole “prime” environment based on our needs, and this is also a good thing. Initially a certain function is not provided because “nobody thought it was necessary”, then after several requests and months of use they understood that it had to be implemented and so it was. Probably if there hadn’t been the Covid Virus problem in recent months, we would have received faster updates. But now the important thing is to start.

Given that Engine was meant to take on Rekordbox, and this is one of the handy features Rekordbox has, you’d have thought they would’ve stuck it in there from the get go, essential or not, but we’re getting it now, so no worries

I don’t know much about what it takes to build software, but I’m sure something like that wouldn’t be to much hassle to add in. Even if they thought it wasn’t necessary they must’ve knew a number of people found such a feature handy.

Surely there will be a new firmware for the players, otherwise the analysis of the BPM would be different when done in stand-alone on players with old algorithm.


Credit where credit is due this is progress so keep the updates coming, i am sure Denon knows they have more to do to catch up with Pioneer i wonder whether the next update will have the desired features that being said 3 years is a long time and I do not want to be introduced to new hardware if the software still laggy.

Just hoping that the denon team roll out the software before the weekend :cowboy_hat_face:


@TheHrdRebel maybe it will be the weekend gift! :wink: :grinning: :grin:

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For the reasons mentioned above, about a track that Engine prime 1.5 says is one bpm but the deck reads it as another bpm, I don’t think they’ll release engine prime 1.5 until they have firmware for all engine prime compatible hardwares. So they’ll need to have firmware simultaneously ready for

5000 (and m) 6000 (and m) Prime 4 Prime 2 Prime Go

and MCX although they might have to add some caveats there instead. There might not be the brainpower for mcx to keep up with prime - it might be more a mcx firmware update that doesn’t re-analyse bpm on the mcx if there’s an engine prime 1.5 Bpm value in place in the database

true, but the player doesn’t need to analyze tracks if EP has already analyzed them. The video says that tracks analyzed wit the older algorithm will need to be re-analyzed to take advantage of the new BPM detection.

The significant word in my remark is require new firmware. In other words. will a drive prepared in EP 1.5 still work on older firmware versions (=backworth compatible).

If You update Your complete system, why should you want to go back?

True, if you dj on an island (or your bedroom) then this is not important.

However if you qualify for one of the situations below it becomes extremely important to have back-worth compatibility:

  • the venue you play at happens to have a Prime system in the booth.
  • You put Primes on your rider for your first festival gig
  • The friends you back to back with have Primes

In neither of those situations it’s guaranteed that the players are on the latest firmware. And stage managers are not happy if you decide to upgrade the (rental) equipment minutes before the gig. Given they allow you to upgrade them at all.

edit and I’m not sure this is an issue at all in ep1.5 since I’ve not yet touched the software. Just saying.

I’ve yet to see Prime gear used at a large festival or anything significant for that matter. The only time I’ve seen them is when a DJ is being paid to promote them. I’m no Roger Sanchez but even for me Prime is still pretty poor so I can’t imagine it being used for anything important right now. I managed to get a MCX8000 in one club I worked in but as soon as I left it was replaced with Pioneer.

In my City not one club or pub with fixed gear has anything Denon at all.

true, however if you have the luck/quality that your sets on mixcloud have gone viral, then changes are you are booked for a festival and that means you can put Primes on your rider if that is your platform of choice.

Don’t forget Denon DJ’s mision is to conquer a pressence in the DJ booth :wink:

Maybe in a hundred years… I admire your enthusiasm and would love this to be the case but slow development and hardware / quality control issues definitely need fixed first.

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