Engine Prime 1.5 almost ready

I’m on record to be the Switzerland of DJ gear and software. At the same time I have my preferences. I fully agree with your “much more work is needed” remark. But from the day I got them the SC5000/X1800 has been my preferred performance platform of choice. This is over 3 years ago and I paid full price. If it wasn’t for my own tools to implement the Primes seamless in my workflow I would have returned them and never looked back.

Updates are more than welcome!! The improvements to the standard functions are getting their final settings, that’s cool!

altho… based on all those suggestions the forum delivered… i kinda expected some more in those directions :confused:

I completely understand tho! The fundamental features need to be solid to go onto extra details later on … F.E. The database / file - sync needed a more stable coding to avoid corruptions… let’s hope that got improvements!!

Thx Denon for providing a new update! Let’s hope it’s more solid than the last, i truely hope some small workflow suggestions we’ve made will see the light very soon now!!

I really hope they don’t, rule number 1 in software development: No deployments/releases on Friday.

Not as though anyone has gigs this weekend though…

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fully agree with you. In my country (Holland) it’s even a long weekend since Monday is an official holiday. Unless they keep the support staff active during the weekend and the communications to the development team wide open.

The flipside of the coin: Denon DJ also has a marketing aspect to consider and a Friday release with an under NDA send press release would make the most impact. DJ related websites/vlogs etc draw the most traffic during the weekend, at least this is the case for my own public communication channels.

Is this “almost ready” status just an replacement phrase from “just round the corner” which was he replace from “come soon” ?

I am of thinking there will be simultaneous release of engine prime 1.5 and all firmwares all in same long away day

Well nobody knows. A bit strange the video appeared on YouTube before an official release. That normally doesn’t happen.

Think they maybe set video to schedule posting date and time whiles a ago but then release last day changed to later for engine prime 1.5 but all staff forgot to change video posting schedule on YouTube ?

Covid-19 and operations in various time zones makes synchronizing roll outs tricky. But I agree, Denon DJ used to be very sharp at this.

Guys … the video is NOT officially visible: if you look carefully, this video has the “not listed” mode, so only if you have the link can you get there. :wink:

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another sharp observation @DjAj cheers!

Yeah, I noticed its not on the timeline.

So my question is were did the link come from someone part of Denon team maybe leaked it ?

Maybe the video was public first then someone transformed it setting to private not listed when they video starting to did get views

Or maybe those who manage the links on youtube made a mistake, and I was in the wrong place at the right time! :grin:

@LargoS No, it was “unlisted” already when I found it (and saw it).

I was kinda thinking the same thing, anyway, updates are always good so lets see what this brings.

I always have a set with the newest update or if the update is not new I am allowed to update (always have a way to do it. Same was when I played on cdj’s - new software or out of the booth with the junk.

Live dangerously my friend :slight_smile: I’m no fan of last minute updates before a gig.

CDJ’s never had any compatibility problems regardless of the version of Rekordbox version the CDJ USB drive was created with. Within the limitations of the CDJ itself of course.

for now Denon DJ had one, the upgrade that introduced nested playlist fodlers. I forgot the exact firmware number but I think it was 1.2.1 that was no longer back-worth compatible with lower firmware versions.

Are most of you totally relying on Engine Prime in its current state or are you using another software. I found my confidence went early with EP when I bought my Prime 4 a year ago. I am currently reliant upon Serato, but keen to be laptop free if EP 1.5 can prove a success.

the base of my workflow is:

  • iTunes for collection management
  • Traktor for DJ preparations with the aid of Mixed in Key

my own tools to get it all on a Prime performance drive

and if you’re interested here is how I keep it all in sync without any duplicate labor (conversion to Rekordbox, Serato, algoriddim’s djay Pro (also for iOS) and Denon Prime)

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