Engine OS v1.5.1 comments

Just released new firmware V1.5.1 after long months of waiting. I saw the video on youtube and read the release note. I expected more for PRIME 4. In summary, the other two types of streaming were added and the same track analysis system added as it was done on Engine Prime v1.5. What a disappointment. There is no sign of any of our requests made in the appropriate section. :confounded: :flushed: :astonished: :frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: :worried: :confused: :pleading_face: :persevere: :sweat:

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A lot of people kept requesting the other music services and a heck of a lot of people also said that the mics were gateing when inexperienced mic-borrowers were using them.

I see nothing in this update to be ungrateful or disappointed about.

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And the MIC recording etc…


That too and how many users, asked for how many years, for improved bpm detection.

…but still no BPM adjustment (beat grid expand/compress). I got so excited earlier, thinking that’s what it meant, but no. :frowning_face:

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That’s in the pipeline I believe.

Try the new algorithm. It’s fierce!

It’s the same as what’s in EP, right? I always bring my tracks into EP first, then send to the Prime 4.

Well actually that’s not quite true. VirtualDJ first, to add artwork - as it’s not possible in EP.

Yes largely. But there was an issue with downbeat detection with streaming services which is now resolved.

The BPM will be right but off by 1 beat measure. So they tweaked it by lord knows how much to get it right.

The desktop software doesn’t have streaming.

Oh yes, the Tidal thing. I remember seeing that. Not used Tidal since updating to 1.5.1 so can’t comment.

@PKtheDJ and @mufasa: Engine Prime is also updated to 1.5.1 which resolves related issue with AAC.

Notes here: https://cdn.inmusicbrands.com/denondj/ep15/EnginePRIME1.5.1ReleaseNotes.pdf

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Hi everybody! Is possible with this update listen microphone in headset? Thank’s in advance!

The mics got some essential attention, relating to the automatic microphone gate for disco and wedding use.

routing the mic to headphones might be included In some future update.

They only added the other two streaming services which were initially indicated in the console features. It doesn’t seem like a gift to me.

Indeed. They have aligned the analysis of the Engine OS BPM to Engine Prime (as was also the case with the version number).

It would be nice to know if the various BUGs reported on this forum have been corrected, as some defects have not been listed from the list of changes. For example, @PKtheDJ, the lack of the artist’s name in the horizontal view, has it been fixed?

My disappointment comes only from the long wait (8 months) to then have these few improvements for Prime 4: gate microphone, recorded microphone, BPM detection as Engine Prime.

It does make me wonder if it will be another 8 months until the next update, to just add Beatsource Link.

Firstly all thank you for your comments, and of course all your suggestions that you’ve made.

I’d like to clarify a few things;

1 - Your voice and suggestions are important and we listen to them! But not every request that’s made will make it into an update, the team review all of them and they help shape how we will push the products and OS forward.

2 - Of those suggestions that are put on the roadmap, not will all make it into the next update. Some are simple to implement, most are not and take months of development and testing. Please be patient as it’s imperative we get the updates out as reliable as possible by testing thoroughly (thank you beta testers!).

3 - Denon DJ is one of the only product manufacturers that runs it’s own operating system and is able to offer new features to their customers, this may not be every month but how many other media players and standalone DJ units are out there that offer any substantial updates that given you new features?

I appreciate that some core features have been requested for a long time, I can assure you that the team are fully aware and these are being worked on. That being said, they will not get out there until they are good enough for the public to use.

Remember Engine OS is ever evolving, those of you who have had one of our products for sometime now would have seen some major updates and new creative tools to enhance your DJ workflow, and more are coming.

Thank you.


As I’ve said (just) On another thread, I think this is probably one of the best updates to the primes since their launch.

And the fact that that yesterday’s update benefits not just one “lucky” unit, but actually benefits, seven models (7!) makes this even more of an achievement. It benefits People who own the :

5000 5000m 6000 6000m 4 2 Go

And the 1800 got its firmware updated last month (month before? Sorry, lockdown merging of months :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

And Engine Prime software got a significant update at about the same time too.

I think we are starting to see incredible benefits from Denon DJ now having that firmware/software development office in New Zealand now.

It’s all very well, although somewhat immature, by stamping feet and rowdily waving rattles in the air for selfishly pointing out that “your” feature hasn’t been looked at (yet?) but we have all been blessed by the software and firmware efforts of the denon team over the last few months.

Other makers would have had us buying whole new models to get such massive boost-ups from the machines that we bought.


Guys, the Preview thing has been commented many times before from Denon officials, and the reason why its not implemented yet.

They have to figure out how to route the Preview to one of the unused channels. It has shown to be a bit more dificult as its a 4 channel unit.

Ok I will wait for the next update since after months this is kinda disappointing. No track preview (since they added it on P2 , Go and Engine they realized it’s a very useful feature) No bpm editing on the unit itself. No better effects section ( on P4 compared to Pioneer effects sound like ■■■■). I love this unit but there are some unforgivable lacks. Fingers crossed for the next update.

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I agree I think this is a brilliant release. The BPM analysis and downbeat on tidal, soundcloud and beatport is solid. Really good job Denon DJ and Inmusic.


but sorry but when I load a track already analyzed nothing happens! I don’t see any difference from before! how can traces be analyzed again with the new algorithm?