Engine OS v1.5.1 comments

i know it’s not in the release notes but reverb / hall echo seem a bit more useable for me? maybe it’s the track i was playing but i could manage dubbing it out a bit :slight_smile:

I need to check the echo effect, as there were two issues for me.

One is that turning the feedback down doesn’t stop the feedback. You still get multiple repeats, even when it’s right down.

Second is that wet/dry doesn’t seem to be fully wet. Turning it to dry is OK (no echo) but turning to wet, you can still hear the dry sound - which implies that half way is not 50/50.

Hi everybody. with this update is possible to listen microphone in headset?

After a few hours… despitecmy update pbs, this version is very good. Thanks for Soundcloud and Beatport.

4 points for next release please :

  • is it possible to put back (or by choice) the old fonts on the small lcd screens ?

  • 16 bars/32 bars on flanger/phaser

  • Track preview on the two main channels (if not possible on all 4 channels)

  • more settings on the 4 sweep fx

Thanks that’s a good job. We were waiting for it ! :+1:t3:

Love the new bootup with this upgrade

Green became blue, yes nice indeed.

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after update can’t find the Tidal link anymore

if you click on the high left volume Icon it shows two more streaming services (beatport and soundcloud) but tidal not there anymore

@djveleno Not on the unit (currently). You can re-analyze in Engine Prime on Windows or Mac:

To re-analyze a track:

  1. In the track list, click a track you want to re-analyze. To select multiple tracks, press and hold Ctrl (Windows) or cmd (macOS) and click each one. You can also press and hold Shift to select all tracks from the currently selected one to the one you click.
  2. Right-click the track(s) and select Re-analyze Tracks in the menu that appears.

Or alternatively, but most likely very less desirable, you can erase the Engine Prime folder on the drive and start from scratch with the new algorithm. I would currently recommend re-analyzing the drive with Engine Prime

Ditto, takes about 6 hours to reanalyse my library of 73k tracks.

Much faster than Serato. I think Engine Prime is optimized to take full advantage of multi core processors.

So if you have one of them i7 or i9 Intel CPU you will be cooking with rocket fuel :fuelpump:

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Thank you guys for advices here, had a little heart attack when my Prime 4 had Engine OS logo on screen for 2 hours straight … rebooted with USB eject method, update and functional again, whew

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Thank you! I hope soon …

MCX8000 has also received its update (perhaps it will be the last one before its retirement), to give customers everything that was written in the initial functions (SoundSwitch was still missing): I doubt that now that MCX8000 will receive other updates.

Going back to our beloved Prime4: now it has everything that was written in the initial characteristics, so no one can say that it lacks some function that was instead declared at the beginning. So my concern now is: will it receive new updates for new features we requested but not written in the initial product features? Or will they write down our requests to design the Prime4 MK2? :thinking: :thinking:

Remember - they were “requests”, not guarantees or promises.

Also remember, although there are a lot of -requests- that people made, that haven’t made it to the firmwares, a lot of the requests did.

I know. But if the rumor spreads that DenonDJ updates its products on the needs of its customers (which is what I had heard before buying the P4), it is certainly a point in its favor against the competition. If they fix the inevitable bugs very quickly compared to the competition, that’s a point in their favor. If their products have a long life compared to the competition because they are constantly updated, it is a point in their favor. So it would be better for them to “give” updates and new functions to their products, they could sell other P4s to other customers.

What are these popular requests that were added in 1.5.1?

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Already has. And all manner of requests come in - the issue is that some people think that if they make a request, even if it’s only going to benefit that person, then the feature WILL be included in the NEXT update. Worse still is when there’s then no update during the 7 days after the request, then all the “where’s my update?” posts start being made.


Easy, look back in the forum to the launch of prime and look at not only the more recently added “feature request section” but also the regular “I want” posts before that newer section.

One to start you off with…

• Let us disable the crossfader please - DONE

And another …

• Mic gate is cutting off inexperienced mic-users words - please let us change the threshold - DONE

This new feature, along with that of recording the microphone, is the only one for Prime4. The other one you mentioned is for the GO. I don’t think there is a lot of meat on the barbecue.

Oh so just because you’ve got a prime4 and you’re only looking out for yourself, denon aren’t allowed to add extra features to any of the models that the rest of us own. That’s somewhat shortsighted djaj

Parts of yesterday release which benefit prime 4 users included

  • Added SoundCloud streaming service - Subscribers of SoundCloud Go+ accounts can now stream SoundCloud tracks to their Engine OS players.

  • Added Beatport LINK streaming service - Subscribers of Beatport LINK can now stream Beatport tracks to their Engine OS players. Please note that Beatport’s offline locker storage is not yet supported.

  • Added new “Quick Source Menu” for seamless switching between multiple local and streaming sources.

  • Integrated a new BPM detection algorithm

  • Added Microphone Threshold control Utility option (PRIME 4)

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where certain AAC tracks were being played without the first 2048 samples. (See Update Notice below)

  • Fixed an issue wherein certain circumstances, audio from the previous track would play at the beginning of a freshly loaded and played track

  • Fixed an issue where inserting a drive with ‘£’ in name would cause the player to reset

  • Fixed an issue where Tidal/streaming tracklists would appear when navigating through empty local playlists or folders

  • Renamed nudge jog wheel sensitive settings

  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements

That’s a pretty meaty barbecue - with relish ! :tomato:

have you enabled it as a service in settings? the update might have switched it off

Thanks Jay! Current update says that the mixer is in version 1.41 - that might confuse ppl since they just flashed 1.51 and they could think their device wasn`t fully updated. Maybe you guys can change that (less work for the support team).

I think the version numbering of the components should be same as the master firmware name - simply 1.51 for all of them.

and therefore nothing has changed because I have already analyzed with engine! so it only serves if you have not analyzed the tracks with engine! and therefore it’s all the same as those who had already reanalyzed the library with the latest version of engine! which I’ve already done! where’s the news ???