Engine Library on External SSD ONLY

Hey guys, Just updated to Engine 2.0.x on my Mac. In the previous version 1.x I was able to manage my library entirely on my external without ever touching my internal.

Now it seems since updating, any new music I drag specifically into playlists that are on my external, it creates the same playlist on my internal and also puts the track there (pointing to my downloads folder). I usually delete the tracks after doing this. In Engine, the duplicate track on my internal turns red (because I deleted it) while the one on my external is still white (because it has been copied there).

When I go to remove the red track from my collection, it removes it from both drives!

I just want to complete disable internal drive Engine library. Is this not possible? I want zero music internally.



its a bug

you may want to consider this workflow for your music files

internet :arrow_forward: download folder :arrow_forward: external ssd (aka external library drive) :arrow_forward: engine dj

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Thank you @mufasa that’s disappointing to hear :frowning: hopefully they are aware of this bug and fix it soon. I’m sure it’s pretty common for DJs to keep their libraries fully externally!

my library is external as well.

but i download files straight to my external before adding to engine desktop. ie its the ssd files that gets managed with engine.


I’m not sure it is a bug exactly, it’s a result of the ‘unified collection’ approach in Engine DJ, but the solution is just badly implemented.

Regardless it’s very confusing from a user perspective, and we are forever trying to explain how it’s supposed to work. It is time Denon addressed these issues with the community properly instead of relying on the forums to provide a free support service.


I am having similar problems with my internal drive setup. New playlists made since 2.0.x are fine but there is a glitch with the older ones. Complete playlists in the library seem fine but only half or fewer songs are listed in the prime4 sat drive playlist. I took a foto of the complete playlist, then deleted it, then made a new one from scratch. While the playlist on prime 4 sat is fine, i get a duplicate playlist in tbe engine library. Deleting these duplicates then wipes the entire playlist on prime 4 sat. Am i missing something or is this double layering too confusing. When i say playlist i mean songs dragged from other folders to make a playlist as per version 1.6.

I don’t know the answer to this, but if feasible I would just format all drives and start from scratch so you have a clean 2.x database. Probably not an option if you don’t want to lose cue points, loops and grid tweaks.

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Creation of the Engine Dj library with folders stored in the media that will be used with Prime Serie players :



Creation of the Engine Dj library from the Music folder of the C drive to an external drive :


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Thanks DjMell26, Are these vids available on another platform at all? Thanks again D

What do you mean by platform “” If I also have the same kind of video but for Apple "??? if that’s your question … the principle will be exactly the same!

There are still wise people in this world without a Zuckerberg looking over their shoulder. :smirk_cat:

i.e. Youtube, Vimeo, etc. You know, the others that look over your shoulder as well. :wink:

Hello Reese, I modified the 2 links and I put the videos on Youtube, in my com.


Whilst I see lots of DJ’s keeping their library external (on an external drive) just bear in mind that an internal drive is much better protected than an external one.

But whatever you do, make sure you back them up at least twice. It’s heart rending to lose many years of work due to a simple hardware error like a disk failure.

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I have a backup service that backs up my internal and external 24/7…

I just want my library on my external this seems like it should be easier. I’ve never had to manually manage the location of my files myself before in any music management app, including in Engine 1.x.

If anyone at Denon sees this - I liked the simplicity of downloading a track, dragging the file directly to my external drive inside Engine, and having it move it there for me, then delete from my internal. No duplicate playlists on my internal.

Everything suggested so far are fine workarounds but not in my opinion for how it should work and not consistent with how any music manager software I’ve ever used has worked.


The other day, I screwed up my external drive and had to format it and start over. It was my fault because I reset my local drive and then synced to the external drive, which created thousands of duplicate files on the external drive.

The thing with most other DJ platforms is that when you screw something up, it is easily fixable with the builtin in tools (superior sync management etc.), but with Denon, it is a half baked solution, and instead of spending time fixing issues and optimising workflows they have put all their resources into building new features for the sales teams (Streaming, lighting and LC6000 support).

I understand the need for sales to pay the bills, but it’s beyond the joke now. I don’t enjoy using my SC6000’s because there are so many playlist management and state retention issues. You can’t even switch between search and playlists without losing your search settings and position in the tracklist. This is User Experience 101 stuff and should be fixed as soon it’s raised, not left unresolved for months or years, aggravating paying customers.

I will give Denon another few months to show they are listening, but if things don’t improve, I will reluctantly sell my SC6000’s and switch back to a brand that can get the basics right. :man_shrugging:


Hi Mufasa, I have build also my library external on a SSD. It seems we have the same workaround. I can use my SSD on several computers to add music of make changes in my database… and save all changes to the SSD. To perform on the Prime4 I simply connect the SSD.

Did you had any problems when updating the Egine-software from 1.6 tot 2.0 of 2.1 with your external database? When I updated the computer to 2.1 and then connect the SSD to the computer… I miss al lot of songs, and the database is incomplete (hotques, loops, added information, rates… about 2/3 of my songs is gone?!) I tried to update the software on two different computers, but with the same result. :thinking: I’m still working in Engine 1.6 and waiting/thinking for a solution to fix this. Do you have any experience or an idea to fix this? Thanks!

With kind regards, Jelger

No but my experience will not be generalizable because

  1. I frequently wipe my database
  2. I rebuild it from my Serato library which I’m actively managing as well

One nice feature of software like iTunes and Rekordbox is the ability to set the master database location (internal, external) in preferences. In Engine it seems to be assumed to always be internal and external is just an afterthought. This really should be implemented.

I never needed a master database. I only ever just plug in an external drive and have old DDJ Music Manager, Rekordbox, or Engine DJ Desktop program create a database for the drive so I can search it. Is that not possible now? That’s just a more annoying procedure on new Engine since you can’t just right click on the drive to do it inside the program, rather you’ve got to drag the files from Explorer into Engine.

I’m struggling with workflow at the moment, been reading through a lot of pages and not found any answers.

I keep files on an SSD in my SC6000, process like this Download > SSD > Engine DJ.

All my files and Engine DB are on my SSD.

What I can’t do, and really need to be able to, is to use Engine DJ on my Laptop to manage playlists, prepare files etc without having to connect my laptop to the SC6000 / SSD.

Can’t figure how to do without transferring all files to the laptop, which defeats the object of having an SSD.

Am I missing something really obvious?

Cheers for any help!!