Engine Library on External SSD ONLY

Thanks MadCyril for the post. I second this workflow issue. I’m a fresh Prime 4 user w/SSD and haven’t been able to find a practical way to edit, “update” or add music to my Engine DJ Library. So, I have resorted to physically removing the SSD from the Prime 4 to interface with my MacBook Pro and then after editing on the Mac, I re-install the SSD to my Prime 4.

There’s gotta be a better way to do this, right?

Use a portable SSD

That really doesn’t help people who have chosen this completely valid workflow which is using a feature designed and heavily promoted by Denon - Internal SSD.

Management of the Internal SSD over Wifi would be amazing and should be implemented along with a fully featured sync manager similar to Traktor’s implementation.

The internal SSD is another half baked solution from Denon that needs urgent attention along with many other workflow issues.


There are lot of “features” on the units which is not for everyone’s workflow.

@MadCyril workflow is not uncommon but is better suited for portable storage.

It works how it is designed. Either using sync manager or drag and drop from Engine DJ you transfer music to it. It also syncs back changes next time you plug in the computer.

Not suggesting it can’t be improved on.

PS - I bought a SSD to install in the 6000m, after a few hours of use I knew it was not going to work for my workflow. I removed the SSD completely and went back to portable storage devices.

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Thanks both have started copying SSD to USB and using USB to manage library when not connected to the SC6000.

Have been editing a playlist yesterday as well as buying some new tunes so intent is to;

1: Sync back edits from USB > SSD, check they’re updated and I’ve kept playlists 2. Load in new tunes using original workflow.

I think this should work, SSD will be master copy which I’ll only take images of once I’m happy it’s consolidated.

Hopefully not famous last words!! :grinning:

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Do you have clone of the master copy?

I would not keep my master copy in the installed SSD.

What are you hoping to achieve with your workflow?

Hi mate, I back it up onto cloud.

My logic / workflow is as follows;

  1. Use SSD as primary storage for Engine Library and music files (not laptop). 2.Play from SSD.
  2. Be able to edit playlists / create sets from laptop without having to be connected to the SC6000 - looks like USB synced from SSD does this.

Wouldn’t imagine it’s a particularly uncommon use case

i dont have music on my laptop internal storage as well. only difference is that i use an external ssd.

the external ssd goes between prime players and laptop for library management.

i have a physical clone of the SSD to another SSD.

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My current, tedious Engine DJ SSD workflow: Import/edit/create playlists plugging in the P4 SSD on my laptop. (Photo) yes, physically remove it every time from P4….

After each update to my engine DJ library >> I BACKUP the whole drive (mirrored backup) to dropbox and onto another external HD.

There’s got to be a better way of doing this, right?

Anyone with experiences using the Dropbox directly as a source on the P4?

Can’t you just connect a USB from the player to the computer, switch the player to computer mode, and the computer will see the drive connected to the player?


More info on the how to is over here:

It’s for an older firmware, but it’s the same process

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@Reticuli Thanks for your suggestion. I tried this again - and this time, it worked! (The internal SSD would not show up on the desktop before… maybe it was the blue cable that did it :thinking: ?? ). As long as this will work, this will be a HUGE time-saver going forward. Also Thanks to @addie for the video link.


you don’t need specifically the blue usb cable that came with the unit but you do need a good usb cable (oyaide, djtt chroma cables), not some cheap printer cable

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hi all, I own a mcx8000 but now i want to buy a new denon not sure which to go with though. I like them all but cant purchase them all cause my wallet is not that big lol. I like the prime go for small parties or bedroom djing, the P4 an all in one dj gear. I also wonder if the P4 has same effects as the PX1850 mixer and of course the sc6000 with PX1850 mixer. Decisions decisions decisions. what format does the drive i want to use with engine software?

@JackFunk, when I look at the photo… “if it’s yours”, I have the impression that your SSD is partially damaged! I say that because where it has the Sata connector of the Denon, there should not be the SSD plug on the Sata connector, it should be fixed (soldered) on the electronic circuit inside the Sandisk chassis. I doubt very much that it can disconnect from the chassis.

In case, be careful that there are no micro disconnections with time and use.

Hi @DjMell26

Sorry for the late answer - it’s all good, tho - The Denon SATA connector is actually what you see on the right, the whole bulk of it. The Sandisk pins reside under the receding part of disc, but no worries, that connector part is all intact! Thanks for the concern anyways, really appreciated.

And as a follow-up now connecting directly the P4’s SSD to my MacBook Pro with Engine DJ - it’s been a breeze!

Cheers, JackFunk