🚀 Engine DJ v3.4.0 Now Available - Bluetooth Audio Source & Keyboard Support

Hi, this was a minor release that was purely for adding Bluetooth to supported devices, as per the release notes above.

Will denon release a usb dongle to fix the Bluetooth issue for the original prime 2 & 4 devices? We feel left behind?

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I doubt it, if you’re plugging stuff into your device, just buy an appropriate aux cable for your phone.


I’m glad that you put a question mark there as the answer is no, we can’t feel left behind as the prime 4 has had so many free upgrades from its original out-of-the-box specification.


I get you on that we have been treated to a number of updates… all of which on balance were pretty awesome. Im sure we will be treated to more updates. I just found it curious tho that the prime go which was released at the time had different bluetooth technology put into it. the bluetooth thing isnt a biggie tho. I just wonder if a stripped back version of it giving some not all functionality might be possible? Its just abit annoying having a techology under the hood that hasnt been switched on. That said I understand if the functionality just doesnt work that well its probably the right decision to disable it.

Is it really that much of a vital part of a DJs workflow to be making this much fuss over? It’s a slightly gimmicky ‘nice to have’ that in reality has little impact on functionality of the gear.

I feel like the number one reason we are seeing complaints about it are down to FOMO and nothing more.

If you really need Bluetooth you can buy adapters that connect to the Aux input.



Guys guys…

  1. If you don’t see the value of a request, don’t argue against it. Everyone’s workflow is different.

A small moment of criticism, but it is possible that regarding everything that Denon offers us, the only things that are always asked about are stems and Bluetooth, but you who consider yourselves DJs, can’t you live and work well without them? I have been a club DJ for more than 40 years but I can guarantee you that I also use the effects desk very little. If you do your job professionally all these things are superfluous. After all this I wish you a good life

Bluetoothing from an audience members phone ???

That’s like a bricklayer asking to borrow some bricks

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sadly only remote view by internal but you won’t see the Browser move in real time. thru engine software. C0021.MP4 - Google Drive

But there are GOOD USB bluetooth devices, so why not use that avenue ?