🚀 Engine DJ v3.4.0 Now Available - Bluetooth Audio Source & Keyboard Support

Hi Everyone,

We’re pleased to announce the release of Engine DJ v3.4.0! This release brings the ability to connect Bluetooth music sources, and keyboards to compatible Engine DJ hardware. You can now stream any audio from your tablet or phone directly to Engine DJ hardware and use the deck to control it. We hope you enjoy this update and thank you for your continued support!

Download 3.4.0 Now

Here is the release video to see the new capabilities in action. Enjoy!

Release Notes

Engine DJ (OS)

New Features

Bluetooth Audio Input and Keyboard Connection for Supported Devices

  • Supported Devices Include:
    • Denon DJ Prime 4+
    • Denon DJ Prime GO
    • Denon DJ SC6000/SC6000M
    • Denon DJ SC Live 2/4
    • Numark Mixstream Pro
    • Numark Mixstream Pro+
    • Numark Mixstream Pro Go
  • Bluetooth Audio Input – Wirelessly play audio from a Bluetooth-capable device on your supported Engine DJ hardware
    • Assign to any individual hardware channel or main audio output
    • Assign to layer A or B on the Denon DJ SC6000 and SC6000M
    • Bluetooth transport controls allow you to play, pause, and track skip using the touch screen or hardware controls when connected to a capable Bluetooth device
    • Hardware screen displays Track Title, Artist, and track progress when connected to a capable Bluetooth device
    • Available only on supported devices listed above
  • Bluetooth Keyboard Support – Search for songs on your Engine DJ hardware more quickly and efficiently
    • Bluetooth menu option in the Control Center allows you to connect and manage Bluetooth keyboards and audio devices
    • Available only on supported devices listed above

Additional Bluetooth Compatibility Information

  • It is recommended that you confirm the Bluetooth connectivity and functionality of your computer, smartphone, or other device before using it in a live situation
  • Not all Bluetooth devices and audio applications provide support for Bluetooth Transport controls and track information
  • Track Progress is not updated on Engine OS when it is adjusted using the originating software/app

TIDAL Subscription Notification

  • TIDAL is changing its subscription tier levels. Please refer to account.tidal.com/subscription for more information. Engine DJ OS users will be notified on login and track load if their current subscription should be updated to stream TIDAL on their Engine DJ OS device.

Engine DJ (Desktop)

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where sync manager export would take longer if Soundswitch content is being packed
  • Fixed an issue where tracks would not pack via drag and drop if there are 2 drives with the same or similar names connected
  • Various other stability enhancements and improvements

Bluetooth is unlocked! :blue_heart: Great job


Just a question from me, is there a 3.4.0 version for users of none BT hardware? I can’t see it as available in the update screen on my Prime 2?

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Over the air updates are usually a bit delayed. If you want to update now best method is the download from enginedj.com (link in original post above)

Note that Prime 2, Prime 4 and SC5000 don’t have Bluetooth enabled

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Ah thanks Addie, I will be patient in this instance :slight_smile:

Amazing news Denon crew :tada::tada::tada: Looking forward to give it a blast, and with wifi its not a “must-have” with that Bluetooth for me.

Its a Nice to have - absolutely, but if the net is strong enough to stream a track, its also strong enough to just use the phone as a hotspot and load from Tidal.

Good job devs. :muscle:


That’s the one I’m most interested it. : ) I hope it applies to the hardware as well.

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This is amazing news. A new version to play with now!


Thank you so much! :heart:

Please report back with your impressions! Thx!

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for the Prime 2 there is the possibility of downloading it but I’m afraid of creating problems for my unit

There might be fixes applied that are relevant.

See it like an iOS update. They release the same OS but some phones don’t have all the hardware features.

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You can still download earlier versions from the download page so if you do, just roll back to 3.3.0 or whatever is your preferred version.

Yes but what about prime 4 and 2, The bt chip inside is for decoration only?

Taken from Instagram in response to a question about the SC-5000.

“Understandable question. We found that the SC5000’s earlier bluetooth chip didn’t work as well and couldn’t provide a consistent quality experience, so it was not included in the update. Thanks!”

Edit: and about the P4

“The Prime 4’s earlier bluetooth chip didn’t work very well and since It didn’t provide a consistent quality experience, it was not included.”


Good. That means we don’t have to think up excuses about why we won’t play some ahit music that every plonker has on their phone and waves at the dj booth


There is that lol… im the only ‘non-vinyl’ DJ in my little team of 3 and I have extreme jealousy for the other two when they get requests and just point at their record bag and say ‘nah mate, thats all I have’

What this update really does is solve a bigger problem for Numark Mixstream Pro users! So rejoice! : )

Update 3.4, I translate for Prime 4 owners : "Since years you’ve been told there was a bluetooth chip on your Prime and you were hopelessly waiting for the " activation update " ? NOW ! Take it DEEP in your ahss and above all give us your money, buy a Prime 4 + on the wich stems will never work because “chip didn’t work as well” :joy: Incredible…