Engine DJ v3.0.0 Database issues when using third-party tools (Lexicon, De Cu)

I have never used the lexicon, so I don’t have the lexicon id field, but there is a database error, so I’m waiting for an official fix, or maybe someone knows where to dig?

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If you still haven’t solved your problem, you can send me a private message with your m.db and I’ll try to fix it for you.

I have already solved many with the same problem.


After backing up then updating Lexicon I re-subscribed then with Lexicon app open I connected my external drive then chose import tracks/playlists with external drive as the source clicked on start import then once complete I safe eject drive close Lexicon app open engine dj app 3.0 then connect external drive click on devices panel and all playlists containing all tracks including cue points data is there. Then I safe eject external drive power up my SC5000M’s connect my USB drive to unit and all playlists with all tracks are there. Because I had 2 external drives showing with the database 3.0 error I simply used CCC6 to clone(overwrite)the other drive without having to repeat the above steps.

If they would not lock out things it would be a lot easy to export your library but to make a playlist from r every song to be exported to your Denon product is down right crazy. I mean you have the drives in engine DJ why not make it so you can sync an entire drive first? And make it so you can see what is actually happening what is being exported downloaded etc. then once it’s all there then go in and make your playlists the way you want them to be instead of heading to a gig knowing your synced your library and finding out at the gig that some of your library never exported? I get the export clean up every single time I export and I’m told by Denon support that it not supposed to happen unless I tell it to do that but again I get it every time I add new music and export. I also have noticed it being a bit sluggish since 3.0 update also have issues sometimes when turning on my P4 my logo is set to appear in the jog dials however sometimes it shows album art work instead so this is Denon not testing things correctly before sending out new updates. For us P4 users let’s see how long it takes to get channel 4 back. Also I have noticed the new samples do not have enough volume control to adjust it properly another reason auto gain is a major thing needed to be intigrates into the engine DJ software and then Denon all in ones so we no longer have to fight volume control any longer. Those of us coming from virtual DJ rekordbox or Serato DJ pro know exactly what I’m talking about if you used auto gain in any of those big time professional software products. Which I agree Denon is way behind on a lot of things and they need to get the important stuff out a lot faster then they are so for the long rant I’m frustrated beyond measure that Denon is taking long periods to add features or not add things that should have been in at launch of the product. I find it funny they own rane it has a sampler button they own Numark most controllers have a sampler button and a way to stop the sample from playing without hitting multiple buttons and control volume independently on each sample but not on the Prime 4 why want this thought about more before it’s release the volume control is not enough as I experienced it last night playing at a club you couldn’t even here the sample even with the volume in settings turned all the way up it needs more and fast or the update was for nothing hope some of you don’t have these same issues! Let see how quickly Denon listens and fixes these issues along with adding what is needed in features to come close to what the other software has been doing for decades with out any problems.

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Denon isn’t running on software, you’re continually comparing hardware standalone players to software that runs on a computer. Why don’t you compare the Denon Prime products to Pioneers XDJ line which is the actual comparison?

Don’t worry I already know why you won’t do that so you don’t have to answer :+1:t3:

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What do you mean your SC6000 doesn’t search tracks?

The stand-alone is a computer in itself the P4 was released several years ago and it was released without essential features that are still not there today. If Denon did not make the computer inside big or strong enough to have all the features needed to actually work the way it should so DJ’s like me don’t have to change the way we DJ then Shane on them. Still missing auto gain took away channel 4 with the sampler add on P4 which is going to be corrected but when how long do wh wait til that happens? Besides all the issues I’m having since the 3.0 update which need to be fixed ASAP but by Denon standard practice I doubt it will be a quick turn around till that next update happens. Plus along with losing channel 4 to the sampler when using it which is ridiculous in itself, the volume control needs to be adjustable per sample pad not over all for all pads. As I found out doing my last gig 2 days ago it’s not something that can be adjusted properly the current way it is. But I’m sure that was never discussed autogain would fix this quickly and correct a lot of issues with volume on the P4 but it’s been what 3 -4 years and it still is non existent while all the major players Serato DJ pro being the go to software on the market today followed by virtual DJ and rekordbox engine DJ being new which I get your still working out issues but it’s still years away from comparing to any of those pro software packages weather run on a computer or not cuz like I say d earlier the P4 is a computer itself so it makes no difference that it’s run on a computer or not. The engine DJ software in the computer is still not where it should be or needs to be at the stage in the game. Playlists should not need to be made to get your songs into your Denon device it should be as simple as clicking the drive you want put into your internal drive as a hole and it should be able to be synced without having to make playlists just to get the songs in to the device. I’m it again years and still nothing regarding that. Why make it so difficult for us to get your libaray into your products? When you have a drives list in the software it serves no purpose if you can’t have your drives in the sync manager to sync it to the device? Again it’s a computer in itself so that is a mute point that Serato DJ pro runs on a computer and engine DJ is in and all in one yes it is in an all in one computer fix the issues and features that should have been in the Denon products years ago and then at that point it may after all the adds and fixes so it runs smoothly stems, autogain, sampler fix, engine DJ software fixes and problem fixes then maybe at that point you can start calling it pro software that actually has a leg to stand on when compared to the kinds of software that have been doing it correctly for decades the right way. You can’t compare the software the same because they didn’t have the tech you guys do now so they had a lot more to deal with then you guys at Denon do. Like stems for example the tech was not there at all for like maybe 15 years you guys have the tech out there to make this happen which is easier to add as a feature then what virtual DJ or Serato DJ pro have done so if you wanna debate this I can go all day. Denon stop saying your better cuz your not do not get me wrong as I have said many times I love my P4 however it could be best in the field if you make so major adjustments and fixes. When you do that then you can say your on the same line as virtual DJ Serato DJ pro and rekordbox but until then just get the software for the computer and the All in one devices buttoned up so it’s stable and giving us what is needed to do our jobs correctly without having to change what we have been doing for deciadescuoin decades. PLEASE!!

I’m not reading that incoherent nonsense, learn to string a meaningful sentence together before you comment any further. This is just ranting waffle.

Failing that, sell up and buy something from the competition as you sound extremely unhappy, whilst also having little to no actual knowledge of the things you are spouting about.

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Every Software is tested. However it is not possible to test everything completely. I am also in the IT sector which involves testing. If you want to have something 100 percent stable, you have to minimize the new features. New Features = new bugs, problems and more. Endless parameters that can go wrong. Its not a secret and in every other company the same. New Major realeses, like a v.3.0.0, do have a certain risks. If you want something 100 percent stable, wait for the first bugfixes and go with a 3.1 Version and stay with the 2.4. Look at Windows XP, it became so stable after the “Windows XP Professional Service Packs”, not right away. If you have a certain willingness to risk a new update, you can do it. Want stability, never update right away. Also just back up your library on a second device. I lost my complete library and a stick. But had a second stick that i update most of the time. The backup stick brought everything back in minutes. If libraries are that much important, spent a couple of bucks on a second stick, backup and if things go wrong, just get the old library back.


Amen to that.


I think this is a phrase which is repeated countless times: “dont buy a product with expectations what i can become”. I think Pioneer has the big advantage, that it does not have that many features and also does not give customers more features over time = no expectations for advancement at all (a screen with new colours satisfies the pioneer guys). Expectations are to high for denon products that they will be a “Eierlegendewollmilchsau” (german phrase for something that can be all you want).