Engine DJ v2.4.0 Now Available - Ventura Support, Beat Grid Editor, Relocate Missing Files + More

I even seem to have a recollection it used to be post-fader on some earlier FW versions of Prime 4. But it definitely is not on 2.3.2 (and it seems also not to be on 2.3.3 on SC Live 2) and I like it much more this way.

Thanks for the pointer. Just tested and you’re right, the edge does what I’m after.


holy cow, thanks for this update! It is sooooooooo great to fix the BPM now on my prime4. Just was I always wanted. Thank you! Best company ever! THX Sooooooo much!

Big Ups to the Relocate function!! (in the future a multiple file from the same folder relocation would make it more ergonomic)

Loving the bpm editor in standalone mode!! (there is always that person with a usb stick with their music on it that did’nt went through the apps… and it often happened the loaded bpm wasn’t correct… now we can adjust! big ups!!)

It took us some time to get these features but you guys came through! Big ups! Hope to see more of these in the future!


I have a Prime Go and I’m experiencing waveform drifting, i use a memory stick and prepare my tracks on rekordbox. The are perfectly aligned and then they start drifting apart. Yes the tempo and bpm is correct, how do i fix this issue? It is updated to the latest firmware. Tia

Can you post a video?

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Great suggestion. I suspect bpm rounding up may be leading to the drifts.

@Nahid_Rahman what happens when you play the same track on the 2 decks

Got the same problem. Not at all songs, but some of them. And i am 100 percent sure i do have the right location and the right file. I mean sometimes it works, so from nothing to something is still better than nothing. But there should be some fixes to fully let it work.

The automatic does not work right.

Thank you so much for this update and for listening to our requests regarding linked beat jumps @JWiLL & the entire Engine dev team! Finally we can update our Prime Gos :partying_face:

Guys, what do you say about the omissions described in this video? Denon DJ ENGINE 2.4.0 Don't upgrade your firmware - YouTube

I’ll save others from the clickbait YT video, don’t bother clicking the link.

It’s not omissions but a single omission - in 2.4 Engine OS on all-in-one devices roll FX is now limited to 4 beats. If you used roll fx instead of auto loop you will need to adjust your workflow.


It is a clickbait in deed. This guy never shows anything really useful on his channel. Many times it looks like he has no experience and a lot to say…


Lol how did I know which channel it was before even clicking :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Gotta’ disagree with you there. He’s the guy who figured out the workaround for Gated Cues on Pioneer standalone units. Like I said, it’s a workaround, because in Pioneer’s infinite logic they have Gated Cues for their Rekordbox controllers but still don’t have it on the standalone units.

So, his observations aren’t completely useless.

And, I’ve watched a few of his livestreams. He’s quite a good DJ. Good taste in music anyway.

Seen a lot of his videos… most is his personal ranting and talking obviously know stuff… he might be great for a very beginner djs, but compared to other dj related media… not much to see there…


This guy lives in my neck of the woods lol. I watched some his videos just because he has the actual gear of interest in his hands.

He’s like the opposite version of Phill from digital dj tips.


His Serato stems rant the other week gave me an instant disliking to him… fair enough criticise stuff but this was just whining.


2.4 is unbearable to use for me-- the load times for songs/folders are even worse than every other firmware version!!! I’ve had to restart my 5000’s because version 2.4 literally won’t load my database. Search times have also taken upwards of 2 minutes, and same for loading various folders.

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Your not the only one!!! Waiting on an update or trying out how to put it back on 2.32

You can download previous firmware versions from the downloads page.