Engine DJ v2.4.0 Now Available - Ventura Support, Beat Grid Editor, Relocate Missing Files + More

Thanks @AIRVince . Feature #3 request sent.


Thanks to the team for giving us the option to switch back to the linked autoloop & beatjump feature. I had gotten used to the new way, but will always prefer the old way.

I have my fingers crossed for more track info in the library as the next update. Last time I checked it was pretty high up in the feature request votes.

Great update overall :+1:

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Mainly because of Apple Silicon/Microsoft Intel 12th Gen implementation of SoC hardware profile security and the EU USB-C adoption.


It’s been over 15 years that completely new computing hardware with new architecture has been brought to market. That costs money to program and update, it’s more cost effective to kill support for legacy devices than up keep. Your inconvenience isn’t their problem, remember that as a consumer. IMHO Denon has put stock into a stand alone SoC DJ ecosystem to unhitch DJs from the computing environment, you can see that with v24.0.0 and grid editing right on the device.

Hang on a minute. i have no issue with a company ending support for legacy devices. What they should have been doing however is offering a new replacement product for us to buy, and as far as Denon/inMusic goes, there isnt anything.

Serato no longer has a currently supported sound card for us to buy, and that is beyond pathetic, given that not every DJ wants to buy a mixer from a restricted range of products.

However if Rane/Serato no longer want to offer a separate sound card for people to buy, the very least they can do is create an up to date driver for their old ones so people can continue to use them. Planned obsolescence does absolutely nothing but contribute to the worlds e-waste problem.

If you think this is just ‘an inconvenience’ to me, check out the volume of comments on Mojaxx video he put out addressing the subject, and also listen to him as he is absolutely on our side with this, thats a respected industry voice.

972 comments on the youtube vid, 372 on my Serato forum thread about the subject… its an issue.

Just to note, Pioneer don’t drop support for any of their devices.

They owe us nothing, and their road map isn’t what you think it is. Comments on a YT isn’t going to change the road map. Not trying to argue with you about your points, but honestly either you adapt or stay on your legacy stuff, it’s pretty cut and dry and they know that.


My ‘Legacy stuff’ are a pair of 1210s that are perfectly current and viable, as is the Mastersounds Radius 4 i bought last year brand new. All i want is to be able to use Serato with DVS to play digital files on my turntables, is that really that ‘out there’ of a request?

im not willing to replace my 1210s with media players, why should i? and what would i play vinyl on without them?

Hey Denon team I’m curious; how are the Reverse Roll and Scratch FX more harmful than good if left as on option? I personally believe when it comes to effects more options are good because it allows more creative options.

I disagree here. I prefer quality over quantity. Also, less to scroll in the vertical menu. Rev Roll was very niche and Scratch downright useless. I fully support their decision here.

Now they should focus more on the quality of some effects (and the high-end rolloff in general), since that is one of the major complaints when people compare the systems with Pioneer.

For the Live 4 specifically, I would wish that disabling the Beat FX in the Quick Menu wouldn’t switch off the Beat FX section entirely, just remove it from the display GUI. I usually lock in one effect which I preferably use and prefer to have more screen real estate, especially on that small 7" one. For the people who really don’t want to use any EFX, just turn the wet/dry rotary to Min, not to mention the blue engage FX button is rather hard to press anyway.


I hope to see the Rane Four effects added to Denon line up.


Just tested this release for an hour or so on my PRIME 4.

The new Beat Grid editor is definitely interesting. Took me a few minutes to figure out the first time. Lots of nice improvements but I’m not sure I love having to use the screen instead of the jog wheel, as the latter is much faster and sometimes I need to make quick grid adjustments on the fly in the middle of a set. I’d like to suggest bringing back the old one alongside the new one, with a toggle option.

I also found that I’m no longer getting consistent behavior of tracks turning green when I play them. This feature was similarly broken maybe three or four releases back but has been stable since then. Over the course of the hour I played probably 20 tracks and only maybe half of them turned green. I played all of them for way more than 30 seconds, which I believe was the prior cutoff, so something is wrong here. This is a major problem in my book. (If it matters, I was playing the tracks via Beatport Link.)


I don’t think your file relocation is working as intended. I experimented with one song and these were the results:

  1. It forces me to manually find the folder where I relocated the track to. This doesn’t save any time versus how we originally had to do it, which was move the location of a song on our harddrive, then also move that same song’s location within Engine DJ.

  2. For some reason it thinks the track is a different length?

Has anyone here used Virtual DJ? That program automatically finds the track for you, regardless of which folder you move it to. Someone please point me in the right direction if I’m missing anything here.

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Platter still works

The Top

The edge


yeah… it’s kind strange how it works. I’m having same problem. Always that problem in the manual relocation… the lenght and anyway doesn’t works…

And the automatic relocation never finds nothing… so…

I’ve been using traktor, and many others… and engine it’s almost there… :fist:

Id like to see the 4/1 Echo at full parameter be a perpetual effect similar to how Pioneer do it, then it can act as a kind of 4 beat sampler, a very useful tool.


Maybe a Echo hold like on the X1800/1850?

Oh ive not seen that, im guessing the ‘hold’ part of it relates to exactly what i want?

It is an echo effect, till 90% of the dry/wet knob, if You turn it 100% the echo part loops.


Yeah that would be loads better.

My friend who has SC Live 2 is telling me that Filter has moved to post-fader in 2.4, ie does not affect cue headphone output any more. Is that true? If yes then does that also apply for Prime 4? I have Prime 4 2.3.2 and filter is working as I expect and now am really afraid of 2.4 update. IMHO post-fader Filter is a disaster waiting to happen.

Post fader filter is how it works on almost every mixer, no? Pio and Allen & heath are all post fader.

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