Engine dj not reading my storage

Hey please could someone help.

I’ve had my decks for a year or so when I bough them I bought a storage device to go inside it. Had to re format it to ex fat and it’s worked perfect untill today.

Plugged my decks into my MacBook to put some new music on and it’s now saying cannot read it as needs to be formatted to ex fat.

When I un plug my decks my prime 4 reads them all my tunes work but engine dj won’t read it? Any ideas.

Hi, Engine Desktop currently suffers from a bug in QT (a library they use) which is caused by Apple changing things with FAT/exFAT in macOS Ventura. They said in another thread that a fix is already in testing and will be available in the next few weeks.

If it’s urgent you can use this tool I wrote, but be sure to read the disclaimers as it’s an emergency solution!