Engine DJ 2.2.2 still horrible

I can see, analyze and play tracks from the iTunes and rekordbox nodes but can’t import playlists or add tracks to the engine collection. I’ve basically given up. I only use my SC5000’s with an old library on an SD card and refuse to update the firmware until Engine DJ actually works. It’s so far behind Apple Music, rekordbox and even Traktor that it’s just embarrassing at this point.


I’d suggest using Lexicon.


same here but no need for update anyway I would update the time it works😂 the hardware in my case prime go do what I want adding new tracks, playlists is more work but anyway no progress to the old stanton :joy:

But it works very well. You’re on PC ? It is because you don’t update your old database that it doesn’t work

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I use Lexicon but there’s an issue with Engine DJ that Denon has yet to fix. Some of my playlists aren’t importing correctly because of how Engine DJ sees playlists.

My Bass playlist in this screenshot only has about 20 songs

But when I import from Lexicon to Engine DJ, the Bass playlist contains every single song in the master “Club House” folder. There are about three more folders I have with the exact same issue.

Yes, I’m having the same problem too, that some of the tracks won’t transfer and some playlists has nothing in them. It’s so so FRUSTRATING!!

I’m not interested in using a 3rd party solution to something Denon should have implemented years ago. Again, iTunes/Apple Music, Rekordbox and Traktor can see and edit my tracks and Engine can play and analyze my tracks from those nodes, it just won’t allow me to add the tracks to the engine collection. It really is a horrible piece of “software”. Denon hardware, GREAT, Denon software, Abysmal. They should just trash it and rebuild from the ground up, basing their database software off of every other product that actually works.

I cant reanalyse tracks - right clicking does nothing at all, gives me no options, it used to work, I have no clue what’s going on - please could somebody help me

I checked Lexicon. Unfortunately it’s subscription only.