Engine 2.3.2 is out……

Any thoughts from those who have tried it?

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Wow! Considering that 2.3.1 was only released on the 2nd of September, that’s less than 3 weeks since the last update. Denon certainly seem to have their priorities lined up now - and that can only be of benefit to users.


• 21/09/2022

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the moving waveform to stutter in certain conditions
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by querying certain wireless access points
  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements

I haven’t installed 2.3.2 yet, as I’m still ploughing through covid postponed weddings which have been taking place 2 to 3 per week on average. However it’s great to see such dedication from the dev teams.

With so many new features and user requests being given to us free of charge in firmware updates, several times throughout each year that Primes have been available, it’s both inevitable and unavoidable that some bugs are going to creep in.

Now, some people will never understand this next part; No fair amount of beta testing is ever ever ever going to find every bug. The example has come up before of someone giving you a pair of “Spot the difference” pictures, but not telling you how many differences are present. At some point, you’ve got to declare that you -think- you’ve found all the differences… if nothing else, simply because it’s been x days since you found the most recent difference…


Should this version be enough to fix the wifi stability problem. Because unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case! There are already users complaining. :pensive:

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What if they had done their testing properly and not introduced these bugs in the first place?

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What if same software on different hardware can behave differently? Some devices are older and some are newer. Taking in account the global chip shortage, some hardware can be having different ic’s. Not only a different CPU (identical but not the same), but also microcontrollers (these change a lot in these times now (I know, as I work in a company that produces stage lighting and Chip shortage forces us to change software and chips very often). Some bugs show up, some not. Some are hard to find and don’t come up until certain time or in certain electronics configuration. There are very many variables to take in account. And users want their devices and the new features ASAP.


Just turned on the P4 to play in the background as I am working from home, and was surprised to see that 2.3.2 was out- already! At the moment I have not moved from the update screen as I wanted to find out as much as I can about this release and what it is fixing. I reported a few issues with 2.3.1 although not as severe as some in the community. In general use, mine is fine but I would hate to know that upon installing the update, I suddenly can’t use one of the decks or something that affects the workflow, operation or visuals, appears! It took me a while to install 2.3.1, but when I did, I was disappointed (with even the few minor issues I have).

I will probably do it in the evening as if a problem occurs, it will ruin my day!



I see comments around the forum from a users that get frustrated when bugs get out. That’s justifiable but on the flip side to that, Serato DJ still has bugs and quirks 10 years after it was launched. You just have to look at the release notes to see how much stuff gets fixed with each update.

When using any new release, I use the units as they would.for my workflow. There are bugs that I’ll never see in a million years as I don’t use that certain finger combination, swipe gesture or included function (I have WiFi turned off).

As far as bugs go, there’s no such thing as bug-free software. It’s just we may never spot them.

I’ve not had any of the issues of stuttering waveforms or crashing when using WiFi on my Prime Go or Prime 4 (both early production models).


Same for me! (I touch wood !) :crossed_fingers:


I also never had any smallest issues with any Denon gear. I had a lot in my hands including very first batch of SC5000’s, that run perfect to this day. But as I am in the industry that also got hit by the chip shortage, I understand why some bugs can go thru undetected.


Is the mark-loop issue still in effect?

So just to bring this back around to the update :yum:

Anyone got some good time testing it yet?


It’s been pretty solid for me with no hiccups. I’ve had around four hours on it and it’s been great.

Hopefully everyones problems are fixed too.


That’s so great to hear! Yes hoping the same for everyone!

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Problems straight out the box with 2.3.2. Updated 22/09/22. Appeared to work fine on the desk, using headphones working in standalone mode. Set up the PA system last night and plugged in our first prime go controller which had had the update. The controller had no sound output, totally nothing, even the onboard VDU meter wasn’t showing any signal. PANIC! Plugged hard drive into my primego and all fine 2.3.1. Had other updates on usb sticks, rolled back this controller to 1.6.2, all fine, tried an update via the web to 2.3.2 and the same thing happened no output no signal. Rolled back again and all good.

Keep a back up usb stick with your last known working firm ware firmware with you

Anyone else having the same issue?

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I posted a few days ago with the couple of problems I encountered (with 2.3.1) and scepticism about updating. I said I would but have not as yet, as the unit is to all intents and purposes okay. Miffed about not being able to rearrange tracks in playlists and the Wi-Fi logon failure pop up is annoying. I am going to take the plunge today, but mainly because I am prepping my MCX8000 and dusting off the XDJ XZ (not literally as it’s all comfy in it’s odyssey flight case), but just so I can continue with business if the worst happens (I probably sound a bit excessive but I have had so much fun and enjoyment to date being trouble free - my P4’s less than a year old). If there are some problems I just can’t take it out on the road as I don’t want any surprises I am unaware of (much less aware of) when in full action.

By the way, been thinking about testing the dropbox option; not that I really need it but to see what the fuss (or convenience) is all about. However, I can’t access/find the Dropbox/engine link the unit directs you to for activation. I came across the Dropbox section on line once a couple of months ago but it did not have the engine link (it was missing, now I can’t even find that initial link!) I see this was a general issue a few months ago which was to have been fixed by 2.1.2, but in my case (and those who reported on the issue at the time and since) it has not been fixed, at least for some. Can anyone shed some news on this as is another in the string of software issues folks report and complain about. As I said, not a big deal for me, but we like to know our equipment is functioning as it should be. DJMIKEYJ

DON’T ! not yet anyway…

Tried this update a few times now, the result is no master output… Rolling back to 2.3.1 the issue didn’t get repaired . Had to roll back to 1.6.2 to get the controller working again.

I can’t be the only one experiencing this issue , how has an update been released with what is possible such a major flaw!!!

Just saw you comment Toylander, however , I ‘took the plunge’ earlier this evening (Uk time), and have been testing the main functions, adding playlists, turning it on and off, and generally fiddling about for any changes, positive and negative for the last few hours (in between sorting out the kids for school tomorrow and the missus howling if I have nothing more important to do!). I am pleased to report (as pleased as I can be) things seem no different than before I updated. I suppose I am relieved if anything, but my original issue of not being able to rearrange my playlist order (I can create new playlists on the unit), is still there. I have no idea what the other software fixes are meant to be (does anyone know?), but if my problem hasn’t been fixed, which in the grand scheme of things is not that serious (more annoying), then I feel it for you guys with serious problems. As far as I am concerned that could be anyone of us.

Relieved, but certainly not happy. By the way, not that sympathetic with excuses about world wide shortages of stuff, or we must expect that there will always be some problems somewhere with some one (but not the majority). Hard earned cash has been forked out for these units, and hard earned reputations at stake if, god forbid, some unit or feature failure happens in the middle of a gig. I know things happen but folks been ‘bawling’ for quite a while now!

I already update my prime 4 to 2.3.2 today, and boom, its fine nothing error, master output, mic, waveform, monitor output and headphone, FX and EQ, everything fine. And i cant see the difference between 3.1 and 3.2

Peace out