Editing Track Rating / Genre on Prime Go

Apologies if I missed this in the manual, but is there a way to set / make adjustments on the fly to the ID3 / ID4 track info from within the hardware? Even just track rating stars and genre.

Use Case: I ‘retired’ the “traveling nightclub / rave” career after a good 20 year run, but still enjoy mixing (of course) - so my digital collection has been poorly maintained to say the least. I have the Go setup on my desk and I’m loving mixing while I work. It would be cool to update my collection info on the deck. I don’t want to run Engine on my Mac while working on visual FX for a myriad of reasons.


Hello @Steele Welcome to the forum, For now it is not possible to edit the tags and rating directly on the console. But there is a feature request for this, so search for it and add Your like to the idea, so developers will know what we (users) need on the devices. Then we have more chances of implementing this feature in one of the updates.

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Awesome will do. Thanks for the quick response.

@Steele Maybe this is also interesting for you:

and: edit tags directly on the hardware (click on the heart to vote for this option)


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