Echo effect is lowering volume

Hi all,

I bought a prime 4 a few days ago. While messing around I noticed that some effects like echo, lowers the volume when the wet/dry percentage is above ± 20-25%. When cutting the effect back to 0 you can clearly notice an increase of the volume.

Pretty annoying… Someone else having this?

PS: The Sweep fx echo works like expected


Do you have the master limiter on by any chance?

Just checked, it’s off

I have noticed this too.

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The fx’s are verry bad on the prime 4. Echo lowers volume and the other fx’s have also some issues. I hope Denon DJ will fix this.


Haven’t had the volume drop on me but I have had two other weird issues with it…

  1. The illuminated menu boxes above each of the four knobs go dim

  2. There isn’t a logical correlation between Beat settings with the actual slap-back, especially when selecting “1” & “2” Beats…When 1 Beat is selected it gives you 1/2 beats, select 2 and you get 1 beat.

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Everyone has different ears… :blush: Denon effects sounds better to me, serato and rekordbox one (integrated effects) sounds bad and noisy comparing to denon prime 4 effects.

No drop volume when you turn the effect knob up (the dry/wet one)

I recently bought prime 4 and I really can’t use the echo effect on it.

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Mi get it on a few other effects too as well as the echo. Hopefully a fix is in the works.


I have noticed this using flanger, Trying to do a nice smooth effect, but when turning the wet/dry knob volume seems cut in & out. It actually ruins the effect, so I don’t even use it now!!


Same experience here. I’m glad to see others posting on this and hopefully this is something Denon is aware of and can bring a fix too. This hardware is too good to have these issues.

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I think it maybe fixed on the latest firmware uploaded recently. I cant hear it now.

Awesome. Thanks for letting me know.

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Which firmware version are you referring to? Is it the soundcloud beta by any chance?

With 1.4 final I dont get the echo boosting at 1/3 when turning up the wet/dry like it did with previous versions. The reverb seems to be have better too.

I get a glitch if I press the pan at the wrong time but that’s all I seem to have.

When I installed 1.4 I did a reset on the system just to clear anything and it seems to have removed most of the FX glitches I had.


exactly… seems like a easy solution to fix… ALSO … PLEASE!!!.. let us upload some new effects!!!.. or … maybe provide a library of effects that we can download some new one… :wink: thanks


I am having the same issue but it’s not just with the echo effect. It seems like all of the effects in the FX menu significantly lower the volume of the track when activated. All of my sweep effects work perfectly though


Can confirm this is an issue. I have it on the Echo & Reverb effects.

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I’m having the same issue with majority of the effects. The volume will slowly decrease as if I’m slowly lowering the channel fader then return to normal volume instantly as if I’ve quickly pushed the channel fader to max again. This continues to cycle while the effect is active. Sweep FX work perfect with no issues. Searching through the forum and noticed it’s been 10 months since this was first mentioned. Please Denon bring out a fix as currently Flanger, Phaser and Echo are useless (and part of my most favourite effects).


Same issue here. All effect are ducking the sound. I hope they fix this soon. It’s unusable otherwise .