Duplicate tracks in playlist

I recently updated to the latest engine prime software 1.3.4 but now when I go into my playlists every track is duplicated twice…

Has anyone else has this? If so what do I need to do?

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You also have duplicates when You have any external drive plugged out?

When I remove the USB drive the duplicates disappear… Is this a known problem?

This is not a problem. The “duplicates” are actually the music on Your external drive.


Seems strange to me but if I know why it is doing then it’s OK. Thanks for your help :+1:t2: keep safe!


I am getting this on Engine Prime on my iMAC. I copied half my library over to a USB and since then the majority of tracks in the collection on the iMAC are duplicated, even ones that were not copied. They files all point to the same location on the local drive. When I mount the USB, those tracks which are in the collection and on the USB are presented three times. Is this still the same bug which has been around since early 2019?

What drives You have connected at the time?

When I have no USB drive connected and only the hard drive on the iMac, most tracks in the collection are duplicated. If I open two duplicated tracks in Finder and then look at the file path, it’s exactly the same file.

If I then mount the USB drive, those tracks which are on the USB are presented in the collection 3 times, and one of the file paths points back to the USB, whilst the other 2 point back to the same file on the iMac drive.

I understand why mounting the USB causes the track to appear in the collection again, as I have read other posts. What I don’t understand is why the collection is duplicated when the USB drive isn’t present.

Can You make a screenshot of Your engine prime opened on the collection and on single crates, please? But only when no usb drives are connected. I think, I know where is the error. Just want to make sure.

Sorry, completely new to this software, so should have done a bit more troubleshooting myself. So it looks like its mapping the files twice, once at the root of the disc and then picking it up again from the user profile. Have I done something to cause this to happen?

I do have a read only version of my Traktor library using the Traktor integration and have added a few files from that to the main collection where I have wanted to preserve metadata. I cannot think of anything else I’ve done though.

So here can be Your source of duplicates. Traktor library + First import = duplicates.

Makes sense.

So my workflow went something like this:

Import collection from root and analyse in Engine Prime

Create a read only view of Traktor collection in Engine Prime and add some files from Traktor view only to the EP collection to retain Traktor metadata.

Import Traktor collection to EP collection as a crate, then realised I didn’t need it so deleted it.

I guess the importer Traktor crate has now stayed in the EP collection though. So I guess I could sort on the file name and delete one half of the files from the EP collection??

Thanks for the tips!!

I have many libraries (Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox) from my past. But also I keep a very tight and simple folder structure with my music sorted by Genre. Then I loaded to Engine prime my folders as crates. The result is - fresh data base without any duplicates. Anyway the Prime system offers more options with pads and loops, so I had to rethink my Hot Cues. So I was happy to start fresh. Now just keep it tidy and all is good :slight_smile:

It is a problem. What’s the point of showing us tracks that are already on the drive? It should keep them seperate it just adds unnecessary noise to the workflow. It’s not like it’s a duplicate track in one folder on the same drive. It is the same song on two different drives.

It’s the same principle on a computer. If I have a song on Drive C then want to copy that song to Drive D, it wouldn’t show twice on drive C. Makes no sense. UNLESS, it’s to make changes to the unpacked song to be synced to the drive, like if you added an extra Hot Cue. But still we would be able to hide that or maybe have different colored dots for each track–white for packed and no changes, red for a packed track that has been changed. IDK.


I don’t state, that it is convenient to see doubled tracks, but I meant it is not a duplicate of the same file in the same place. I also think this kind of showing the collection is confusing. But definitely it is not a software error, just a bad decision of someone to show it this way…

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Got it. I agree.

It’s been mentioned before, and Denon are aware that users don’t like it.

Perhaps by this time next year, they’ll issue an update. :rofl:

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Once you know that it doesn’t really mean that you’ve got “duplicates” then it’s not really any sort of problem.

If I’ve got a track on the main c drive library and that same track is on my Export/use for gigs d drive and that d drive is plugged in, it’s sort of logical for two instances of the track to be onscreen

You are right. But more useful would be if we could switch between views with drives and collections.

For example - I open up the collection on my macbook, I see only tracks from that collection. When I open the collection on my usb I don’t see my SSD collection anymore but only the collection of tracks from the usb stick. That is more logic.

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Lol. You know I love Denon but their weird choices makes them sort of charming.