Duplicate tracks in playlist

On the flip, does it help say one is trying to recover from the library from the external drive? In the eventuality that someone loses their main collection.

My issue is that I have many duplicate tracks on my SD card! If I connect my SD card to my pc, NOT opening EP, & click to my music on that SD, I will see duplicate tracks within many album folders.

I get that EP & SD connected at same time will show 2 tracks (EP & connected device) but I get 3 tracks of the same in some instances… that instance being if I have duplicates on my SD.

Why am I getting duplicates on my SD card? It’s a complete mess.

Format the SD and add your tracks again?

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I just spent 6 hrs cleaning it all up. The only way to clean it up was a pain - I had to backup to another SD card & then delete the original. Copied music from EP again. All OK. Used backup SD to transfer playlists to original SD. Then… I disconnected & found duplicates on SD - again. Seems to be when adding playlists (when created on the P4). Anyway, I deleted all duplicated tracks from SD - had to search every damn album. I then discovered my playlists (when connected back to EP) had many tracks coloured red. Had to re-add the red tracks by searching in EP collection & adding the packed track back into playlists. Had to use phone to snap photos of my playlist orders (from backup SD) to rearrange. Then deleted the red tracks from playlists & then from SD collection.

Sounds a nightmare & it was. It worked though! Just deleting & re-syncing to SD ended up with several duplicates on the SD (after playlists were added) & so my messy method was thd only way.

Can’t figure it out tbh but anyhow, it is all sorted & after searching for a large selection of tracks on the unit, there are no red tracks & no duplicate tracks.

I do think Denon needs to improve the EP because I do see many people with duplicate issues, likely stemming from creating playlists on the P4 itself. It is also a bummer in that you can’t sync the playlists back to EP.

I understand the frustration

Some tips that you may find useful

  1. Stick to one method of making playlists eg either make it in EP or Strictly on the P4

  2. Stick to one method of Syncing files from EP to the SD card eg use either the drag and drop or sync manager!

  3. Understand the difference between Playlists and Crates. It is possible to have multiple of the same track in a playlist, whereas crates will not allow duplicates. In short think of playlists as set lists whilst think of crates as actual physical records you are taking to a gig. If you want to play the same record 5 times during an event (that’s your playlist) but it’s the same record in your bag you are rinsing 5 times (crates)

  4. Perhaps using crates may suit you better. I don’t use the playlists.

  5. A work around is to make each of your SD crates into playlists. Delete the playlist and then make the crates back into Playlists

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Thanks @mufasa. Good tips - I do only use P4 to create playlists.

The problems seem to have started at around the time I began using sync manager. I will stick to the old way of dragging new tracks into the crates.

Just wondering on best way to create my playlists (which I like doing on the fly on the P4) because I think that when a playlist is created on the P4/SD, the system is creating a new file (2) on the SD card. This is why I believe that when I deleted the duplicate (2) files on the SD, those tracks in my playlist later appeared as missing/red. Those same ‘missing’ tracks were still actually on the SD card though - as in the initial collection/file. This is why I had to search for the track again & add the ‘packed’ track back into the playlist. Once I did that, I removed the corresponding red tracks.

Not explaining too well but I hope you get what I mean :grin:.

It’s not creating another actual file. You can check this by adding a track multiple times to a playlist on the P4

If you plug the SD into a Engine Prime, highlight the track, right click and open the file location you will see it’s all pointing to the same actual file.

If your preference is making playlists on the P4 directly, then when you have time, plug the SD into engine prime and in the devices column create a CRATE and drag the content of a playlist into the crate. Now delete the playlist. You can now make the CRATE into a PLAYLIST again. That should get rid of the duplicates as by design CRATES can’t hold duplicates

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Great tip - cheers for that :+1: Will do this from now on :ok_hand::beers: