Dropbox Does not Sync At all

From the Engine Desktop, The Dropbox files are synced using Sync Manager.

I have Prime 4+ on Latest 3.2 Version of Engine DJ Software. I am not using SSD or SD Card, I am using USB Sticks in the Slot 1. I have linked the Dropbox account using the hardware code.

I am able to see Dropbox as Source, when I click on the Dropbox source it says checking database and then Hangs, it never comes back with the list of songs.

Has anyone faced similar issue.

Are you running the Dropbox app alongside and let it finish the sync?

Here’s a Dropbox faq: Engine DJ | Dropbox FAQs & How To : Denon DJ


The Dropbox app is running on the desktop and once it finishes sync after exiting the Engine Desktop Software, then I try to sync on the Controller.