Downgrade for 3.3

I found it. Sorry. I am just frustrated, and not an actual idiot. Thanks!


No probs, happy to help. Bookmark the page as it’s useful for manuals etc.


How do I get past this screen when attempting to downgrade.

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So you still have the same problem/screen?

Yes! I am sorry if the post are similar. I was on a support chat yesterday evening and was advised to do a factory reset. I then bench tested them for a few hours and continued to get a message saying the disc was ejected improperly. It’s driving me crazy because I have gigs comimg up. I can’t possible be the only person with this problem and it will not allow me to downgrade. Thank you for asking.

I’m thinking that, as long as it could be added in big enough letters on-screen, a downgrade firmware option should be added to the pc/Mac and OS devices, as it seems to be a regular thing that people upgrade “at the push of a button” without really research going into things, or they do it minutes before “the most important gig of their lives”

Did you definitely pick up the right firmware file this time?

And have you tried some other drives to rule those out as being the issue? I’ve never had my drive eject whilst using it.

That’s a good idea. I once upgraded the software and made play list for a gig. When I got to the gig the players would not accept the usb. Fun! Why didn’t leave well enough alone this time. As far as downgrading, noone seems to be able to tell me how to get pass the screen above. To your point even windows has an option to return to a previous version. I feel extremely defeated and angry.

This is the page describing how to update/downgrade and the various methods of doing it. My advice is to try the method with your laptop connected via the blue USB cable and run it from your computer.

These are the two options for the file, the first is the USB firmware file, the 2nd is the app updater option for using your laptop.

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Let’s go back to the start.

How do you want to downgrade/upgrade?

  1. USB-flashdrive?
  2. USB-cable to computer (Windows or Mac)?

Update. I (by accident) had the drive with 3.3 in one of the players. When I went to the firmware option it actually recognized the file and I was able to reinstall 3.3. My guess is that it won’t recognize an older version to downgrade to and only gives you the option to reboot into upgrade mode, which is useless. I have just left the players on for now to see if I get the disc removed message again that I did not get immediately this time. Keep your fingers crossed for me everyone because I will be in Guitar Center purchasing the Pioneer 3000s tomorrow and losing my Denon bragging rights.

You can definitely downgrade the Firmware to pretty much any version you want, with the caveat being pre 2.0 means your music drive likely won’t work due to the database change. So any post 2.0 version can be downloaded and downgraded to.

Well, downgrade to an older firmware is so very easy, if you simply follow a few easy steps.

Good luck tomorrow!

USB. I don’t use a laptop and my desktop is in my office on a different floor than my studio. …and I’m lazy and reluctant to disconnect and move the players but I will as a last resort before I replace them with other players. Before my upgrade nightmare I was going to add the Prime 4 but if the reinstall fails that is not something I think l would do.

the problem is, if you’ve somehow messed up the firmware update and cant boot the players up, the computer connection is the only option left.

If you’ve managed to boot them back up again, then carefully following the update instructions should allow you to downgrade firmware using a USB drive from the settings menu.

There is one thing you won’t have to worry about with the CDJ-3000s, there being any problems with firmware updates as you’ll be lucky if they get any.


I’m not so sure about that on the 5000s. All I get is the picture above when I try to downgrade. I am pretty tech savvy and if it can be done I imagine you can’t do it with via USB. Just my opinion from my experience. I appreciate you though. Thanks!

Are you willing to give some steps a try then? We are here to help voluntary.

  1. You need a computer to download the older firmware file and put it on a USB-flashdrive, that DOES NOT contain any other firmware file on it! Format the USB-flashdrive beforehand as FAT32 or exFAT, not NTFS.
  2. Download firmware 3.2.0 USB-flashdrive update image for SC5000 here:
  3. Place above file onto the USB-flashdrive. Don’t unzip, open, mount this file. It has to stay an IMG-file.
  4. Put the USB-flashdrive into the SC5000.
  5. Use the Reboot option in settings of the player. It will state version 3.2.0 as USB choice, if you have done above steps correctly. If you have not followed above steps, you’ll enter the computer update mode you see in you first photo.
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The 3000s definitely have firmware upgrades but certainly not as robust and frequently as Denon. Trust me? Until now I have absolutely loved the switch to Denon, but if they are going to keep freezing I have to go back to Pioneer.

Ok. I may try that. I wss trying to downgrade to 3.0. That shouldn’t matter, right. I did follow the steps you listed above with a brand new USB. I hope the reinstall worked. I’m afraid to go down and look to see if the error has popped up yet. lol Thanks so much for your suggestions and time.

Just make sure you get the exact right firmware file you need, the standard 5000 and not the 5000M one.

I dont remember you saying, have you tried using a different USB stick with your music on? to rule out the drive being issue. It’s worth trying that before you do any downgrades of firmware etc.

Ive done 3 gigs on 3.3.0 so far with zero issues on my Prime 2, so total 14hrs DJing without a glitch.