Does the SC5000 Have a Cooling Fan Inside?

Does anyone know if the SC5000 has a cooling fan? I’ve been getting one that overheats randomly, and a defective fan would make sense.

Yes it has a cooling fan inside. But the air vents on the sides/bottom and back need to be free from obstacles.

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Nothing is blocking any vents, so it must be the fan, assuming it has one. I’ve taken mine apart several times, but don’t remember seeing fans, and from looking at this disassembly post, I don’t see one either: Jog Wheel Rotation Resistance Production Variance - #13 by jemabaris

I thought the M versions in the SC range had cooling fans but that the non M versions didn’t

Ahh yes, I fogot, the 5000M had, and non M didn’t, sorry for the confusion

If there is no fan on the non-M model, I don’t know what could be causing the overheating. I swapped the two SC5000s, but had the same result. The other SC5000 does not exhibit this behavior, no matter where it’s located.

Important note; This never happened prior to the 3.0.0 update.

Maybe the latest firmware is more taxing on the processor and causing the overheating?

Could be. Until it’s figured out, I have a fan blowing on it. Sad really.