Do you have to have TimeCode to only sync bpm to Resolume?

I just got my prime 4 a couple weeks ago, switching from Serato. I currently have not had time to build the track specific videos that the Denon/Resolume interface requires yet want to be able to sync . But I also live mix in resolume on an apc40mk2 and have discovered a problem. Stagelinq doesn’t communicate BPMs? Is it possible some way without paying 60$ a month just for timecode to use ableton link? For example you just want to use the simple bpm sync to align your composition in resolume to the mix on the prime 4, while also giving you much more freedom to improvise the video. Or is there another work around that I am not seeing?


did you have any joy with this. i’m in the same position.I just want a bpm sync

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Answers Denon DJ team? I’m in the same boat using Resolume Arena


Almost a year later and no answer. I still haven’t figured out how to use the prime 4 as a standalone and simply sync bpm to resolume. I can run it as a serato controller and ableton link it, or if I have specific videos for each track I can then use stage link. but I vj like ableton producer. Layering loops and and effects across all layers, not just a single video… Sound switch has a midi out function but resolume doesn’t show a clock input from sound switch…and it doesn’t work over ethernet to a second laptop… (add in the “official” way to do it is pay for timecode, but some of us hobbyists don’t make enough to justify it…and the free trial that didn’t even work for the prime 4 when I signed up… but ended up costing me months of fees even though I thought I canceled immediately when I discovered it wasn’t compatible with the prime 4…)

Also the only way to use prime 4 midi out is as a serato controller? I am extremely disappointed in the glaring holes in the prime 4 capabilities and lack of feedback to these problems.


Hope you have liked the feature request

I did months ago

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As I posted in the Ableton Link page:

I was thoroughly disappointed coming the prime as a VJ and finding how ineffective the stagelinq protocol really is. No BPM sync, no timecode, just pairing of video items and sliders to certain things. The way this product is advertised with Resolume you think it would be capable of these things. I didn’t spend the money on this just for it to be a fancy Serato controller especially given that you won’t open the StageLinq protocol for developers who would want to get the most out of their hardware and products. If I could pull StageLinq info into TouchDesigner I would be able to do a lot more of what I’d like I think. However, adding Ableton Link would be not only a huge step up for that ability but also open a whole world of using the iPad and other Link capable devices along side the Prime 4. I really hope this isn’t going to be another thing where I don’t see any developer feedback. I am already feeling some mild buyers remorse and would jump ship to Pioneer if I didn’t just sink my money into this. It wasn’t something I could hands on try where I live and knew no one using it. Starting to think I understand why. You have a lot of potential for power here and I would hope you guys would make the effort to use it.

Come on Developers, representatives, someone? Is this really the best you can do by not even looking at the forums or responding?


+1. BPM sync is crucial for lighting sync in our crew. Complex lightning is stupid to run if everything depends on a tap to tempo. It’s absolutely ridiculous to try to manualy sync tempo after every second transition. Our event production quality depends on this function. Having out of sync lights is not acceptable. We can’t set our standards that low. We are provinding a quality audiovisual experience (you know those underground parties) after all. This simple issue is a biggest technical threat to our success in our business. What a silly reason to give up on otherwise such a nice controller and imo definitely the better company in the DJ industry. Please realize that shelling out loads of money just becuause you decide to pull a “pioneer” on us for as simple feature as that is just sad as I really want to love both the company and the product but if that costs me my business then I can’t sacrifice that.

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I’ve discovered a small workaround. By utilizing sound switch’s recently added midi clock out function you can sync the prime 4 to sound switch normally and then sync resolume to the midi clock.

It doesn’t seem stable or accurate enough for a live event…

Of course any response from denon on this would be appreciated… Because I’m definitely having buyers remorse.

This is crazy!!! I just realized this obvious functionality is missing from the couple Prime 4 / resolume!! I just bought the controller, but I am really thinking of sending it back already! Besides this, also the integration with Serato it’s crap (that gives you more effects and possibilities, i. E. Dvs, wider screen, etc…). For some aspects, mcx8000 was better!!! How can it miss the bpm integration. It ultimately allow only pre-created videoclip synching and no visual effect synching. Disappointing!

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I was very disappointed that my almost 1yo Prime 4 can’t do this. In a year, Denon hasn’t fixed this? Where to I request this feature?

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The feature request bit of the forum. The more votes it gets the less ignored it might get

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This made me lol. Thanks for that. :laughing:

According to the manual it does:

Prime 4 will send time, BPM, and other track data to the compatible Stagelinq lighting and video software

That seems like a clear statement to me, so if it doesn’t do what they claim, the product could be described as not fit for purpose.

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I’ve run into another issue. Since the computer running sound switch can’t be internet connected there’s no way to live stream or run any subscription music service while using that workaround.

I’m ready to throw the prime 4 in the ■■■■■■■ trash. I’ve almost stopped playing because it just makes me angry.

WiFi - no

Hardwire - could work

Prime 4 - supports various streaming services

Can you share some details how you managed to send MTC Midi Clock from SoundSwitch to Resolume ?

I see SoundSwitch device in Resolume -> Preferences -> MIDI but only as Midi Output, no midi clock. Both running on same computer, macOS.

Use loopMIDI to create a virtual MIDI port, then have SoundSwitch output the clock to it. Be warned, it really doesn’t work well. There’s like a half second delay before the clock starts and it’s quite unstable.

ive just started using Midi Clock to Ableton Link – Andyland midi clock to Ableton Link. works well for syncing Resolume and my lighting software to the BPM from the x1800 through Ableton Link

I keep geting resolume (not only, i run some custom python scripts which also using ableton link,same issue here), stop seeing Prime4. Wthen i enable a link, at the start it works perfectly, after few mins, its gone… it shows 0 links… :frowning: