Dn SC5000M Serato support?

Hi there! SC5000M support for Serato coming soon? I want to run my setup X1800 and SC5000M with the software.

Brace yourself for the following comments.

“its standalone”

“why do you need serato”


Jokes aside…

Denon says they are “working on it” :woman_firefighter:t6:

I believe that was disclosed following the launch.

When will it happen…some time in the future

Why mocking? I just wanted an answer if anybody knows. I’ve been in contact with Serato and as a understand it will be in the future. You can see it in the Midi-list but there are no File for mapping. And the player in itself is prepared for connection of a computer. The player as standalone is fantastic so no worries about that but i have Serato and would like to use it as x1800 works with the software.

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See this thread here and perhaps you can add your +1

I don’t think they were ‘mocking!’ …they were just saying, “hey, people are probably going to say this…”

i’m with you, though. i initially ended up with a 5000m because I started searching for something better to control Serato with than my DJ2GO2.

I found the 'M, saw that it was not compatible and still bought it anyway. I love this machine.

If Serato support comes, i’m not even sure what I’ll do with it at that point. I haven’t used Serato since I bought the 'M. …just had to change a few things on my end.

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Not that I have the M, I have the originals, but I was exactly the same - I was desperate for Serato support and by the time it came, I think I’d used it twice. I couldn’t be bothered at all with it now as it reduces the functionality of the SCs and it is so much more fun mixing without Serato face.



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