Announcing SC5000M & Serato DJ Pro Official Accessory Compatibility!

Hey Everyone,

We’re very pleased to announce that the SC5000M PRIME is now compatible with Serato DJ Pro as an Official Accessory! We know this one has been a long time coming and we’re very happy it’s finally here for you to enjoy!

Feature Highlights

  • Sideline the laptop - browse, navigate and load with the HD touchscreen interface - The SC5000M 7”, HD multi-touch display becomes the DJ’s window into Serato DJ Pro library navigation, browsing and 4-deck selection.

  • Touchable ‘Library Areas’ and ‘Sorting’ options for Serato DJ Pro Collections - Single finger-tap exploring of Serato Crates, Tracklists and Prepare folders, plus ‘Sorting’ options by Track, Artist, BPM, Key and Time categories.

  • Ultra-High Resolution Platter ‘Scratch’ Response - The SC5000M’s hi/lo torque brushless DC electric motor ensures lightning-fast response to Turntablist and DJ scratch techniques. Serato DJ Pro is controlled with the platter 7” vinyl providing 3,600 MIDI resolution ticks per single rotation.

  • SoundSwitch Support within Serato DJ Pro via Expanded USB Hub capabilities of SC5000M - Reclaim those critical USB ports and run mobile, club and event lightshows seamlessly within Serato DJ Pro, with SoundSwitch DMX interfaces. The USB hub can also be used for media device and additional MIDI controllers.

Important: Serato DJ Pro controller mode requires firmware and software updates:

  • SC5000M v1.3.2
  • Serato DJ Pro v2.3.1

SC5000M v1.3.2 Release Notes

  • Added Serato DJ Pro compatibility



Denon, you made me a happy man. Serato, you made me a happy man too and i don’t even use your programs lol. This was more than I expected.

Good work.

Hopefully NI jumps onboard too.


I think they might have their “Titanic” tickets from a DJing point of view but yeah well done today to denon and serato for a more featured serato implementation


It works with the 1.4 Beta as well? Tried it with my 5000M and x1800 and it worked and it was flawless. I will try my Prime 4 tomorrow and it’s on Beta 1.4.

Don’t have… Serato DJ Pro X1800 Do have 2x SC5000M’s and a Behringer DDM4000 4 channel digital mixer Don’t want to have to be hooked up to a laptop either and/whilst palmed off to use another 3rd Party DJ software. :-1::raising_hand_man:

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It’s all about choice, use it, don’t use the key thing here is more options for more DJs :slight_smile:


Where are my options in just using the media players and with native EP 1.3.3 as I still hear that the software on its own isn’t up to scratch? No choices there.

Could you expand on what problems you’re having?

I can confirm that Serato works with the beta firmware on the SC5000M.

Shame we didn’t get scrolling waves but it’s all good, gonna chalk that up to Seratos OSA limitations right @JWiLL


Hopeful we get the scrolling waveforms eventually!

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SC5000M was conceptualized and designed to be an advanced STANDALONE media player. The whole idea was to remove the laptop from the booth. The fact that it works with any 3rd party DJ application is an added bonus and in the case of Serato DJ Pro, completely FREE (PRIME 4).

We are sometimes limited on what & how we implement features for 3rd party applications. You can expect that the standalone workflows and feature integration to always supersede those when used as a basic MIDI controller.


That’s a great gesture by Denin making it free for the P4.

You guys are about to make some serious bank :bank:

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I think both serato a denon will be cashing in.

Denon won me over with the sc5000m and serato won me over with support for it. Christmas is looking good for both.

Hallo denon was bringt mir Serato wen ich mit Videos arbeite und die Videos nicht laufen wird es die Möglichkeit geben das die sc5000m auch mit vdj arbeitet können den da laufen meine Videos Dankeschön im voraus

Serato DJ offers features such as Auto again, Elastic Beatgrids, Sampler, iZotope FX, Pitch N Time, Serato Video, Mix Emergency, Serato Flip, etc. I personally use the variable beat grids and Flip to seemlessly skip for quick mixes. Ironically, Denon introduced Splice to do this in the DN-D9000 in 2002.

I assumed Prime supported ReplayGain to playback all the tracks at the same volume. I also thought they had Auto Fade between tracks like older Denon players. I’m looking into getting the 2 5000M’s but not having these features is disappointing.

Why assume? Assumption is the mother of all fudgecups !

Instead of being that guy that buys blind without giving his potential purchase a really tough and thorough trial in-store before purchase, then spends the next two decades begging for missing features to be reti-fitted with countless firmwares , go try some.

Then only buy if absolutely every possible conceivable “oh it’s sure to have this, that, those, these…” really is there.

Actually, with that thought, we’d never buy anything ever again shucks

Instead of being that guy that doesn’t read the whole post, ask yourself “Does your reply improve the conversation in some way?”

If you would have read my post, you would have seen that I said “I’m looking into getting the 2 5000M’s…” You also assumed I could easily go “trial in-store” as if that is a convenient option. Prime isn’t on display in a store within 200 miles of where I live.

I travelled further than that each way, to check out the 5000 (I’ve no care for motors)

Even with the deal of a free x1800 now making this affordable to those who weren’t up for the three part kit at full price, it’s a lot of money to spend if something doesn’t feel right or has a disparate workflow.

If you can’t travel then maybe you can research a store that will do a 14 day or 28 day returns

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Hey JJ,

If you’re used to the advanced features of software then any hardware will look disappointing.

As a DJ deck you’ll find the M to be more fun than anything you’ve played with before. They got the platter almost as best as you can get with a controller.

Too bad you’re unable to find one to play with.