DN-SC2900 Memo bug

Product: DN-SC2900

Engine OS Version: NONE (used offline, CD)

Steps to Reproduce: Turn on unit, insert disc, search track (Preset: Auto Memo Load OFF)

Expected Result: Track available to play after less than 1 sec.

Actual Result: Track available to play after more than 5-7 sec… after Memo loading (while prohibited)

Reproducibility: 10/10

Other Relevant Configuration Info: Preset setting: Auto Memo Load OFF

Link to Video Repro: Denon DN-SC2900 MEMO bug - indavideo.hu

Hey @Dj_V - Thanks for sharing - Have you created a ticket with our support team? If not, I can help start one for you. Please DM me your email and phone number and we can get that started.


Not have support ticket, this is legacy device, out of support time.

djv.lemezlovas@gmail.com +36705258738 (I’m only hungarian speaking!)

Alternate solution: use without USB drive (without waveform data = memo not search in empty USB)?

Other (not software) problem in only one device of pair:

See photos, not earlier posts or title! This is worth looking for support team? I’m not beginner the electronics, available service manual, etc. I’d fix it myself if I could get some info on the cause of the error.


Hey @Dj_V Thanks for sharing your info and apologies for the late reply. I’ll share this with our technical support team and they should reach out to you within 1 business day.