Denon SC6000 Update

Hello to all Pro computer software writers & Pro DJ’s.

Is there a way to remove the built in software from a Denon SC6000 and load it with the software from a Pioneer XDJ-RX3?

Thanks in advance.

LoL, luckily not. Why someone would want to go backwards in development?


Absolutely, it’s called buying a CDJ-3000, good luck in your endeavours.


Hopefully the Pioneer firmware should be detected from miles away by any anti-virus software.


This gets a lol from me.


Yes there is, download the latest CDJ-3000 firmware on a USB and insert the USB with the SC6000PRIME powered off. Turn the SC6000 on and during the boot screen place your right ear on the platter and press CUE with your tongue at the same time, while doing this ponder why the air you’re breathing is a waste.


Don’t get out of bed tomorrow!

Its not even a good photoshop effort, the screen is a different angle to the device.

Guys, really, the hate in this topic…. Look at yourselves! Be ashamed!

@01Music this is probably not possible due to a long list of technical reasons. On top of that you would go through a lot of hassle to operate in unsupported territory, potentially even bricking your device.

If you would ask for the nerdy side of things however, I have seen people run an X window server on a MPC live, which is the same embedded device as the Engine series, and not even that difficult, given that Engine and MPC are Linux based. It might even be possible through some hacking to run MPC software on the SC6000, although that the hardware buttons would of course not work.

But it is unknown to me what hardware platform Pioneer uses. I would not be surprised if they are still microcontroller based (which is not a bad thing at all BTW!)… and if they are linux based, and running the same processor architecture than denon (which I doubt), they probably would have included hardware checks to prevent the chinese to copy their hardware and run the original software (ie Apple does on its iOS)

But still, you risk bricking your expensive device. If you like messing with computers, buy a raspberry or arduino :wink:

Worth reading: MPC Live Internals


@ Johan. Thanks, I deal with allot of haters. That’s Why I’m rich:)

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Wait, this is the 2nd time you have posted this. Any chance of explaining why you want this implementing, and why you needed to post two threads about it?

For the record, nobody cares about your financial status so maybe tone it down with the ‘im rich’ stuff.


May I introduce you to all other DJ forums, especially pro Pioneer ones.


I know the internet is full of keyboard warriors. That doesn’t make it any less childish…

Out of interest, how are we meant to react to someone repeatedly asking for the Firmware of a rival brand to be installed on the media players of this brand? Anybody with an ounce of sense would see its unrealistic. Neither company would entertain it for a thousand different reasons.

Its just a silly request, that should be treat as such.

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With the right boot loader, anything is possible. Keep in mind, these two operating systems are coded specifically for the SOC they run on. So, you will need to heavily modify the Pioneer OS to run on the Denons. Do you have the code base on hand or something?

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The OP never asked Denon if this was possible. It’s a general question on a public forum. You can react in 2 ways:

a) Start a flamewar about it, which is very immature IMHO.

b) let your inner computernerd be intrigued about the question. Like I and @Myalteredsoul did:

How awesome would it be to succeed running a Pioneer firmware on a Denon device. Not because it serves any real purpose, but just because you can? How many people run Linux on their playstation? How many people hack into the inner workings of software? Without people with this interest, tools like those from ATGR and Lexicon would not exist, because they both basically omitted the encryption of the Pioneer database format, with one of the 2 literally reverse engineering the encryption key out of the software. How dare they convert a music library to a rival brand!

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To me, some things are just not worth asking for, and if im honest i question the OPs motivation here.

Given the track record of ‘fanboys’ from either brand posting less than subtle threads that are designed to do nothing more than erupt a brand war, it would be foolish not to question the real reason this post has been created.

i read it as yet another ‘Engine is rubbish, Rekordbox is better’ thread, poorly disguised as a tech request.

It deserves the same reaction as somebody asking for Android to be added to an ipad.



If it wasn’t for how overpriced the 3000 I have was, I’d have already tried getting engine OS to run on it out of curiosity. The idea of getting pioneer OS to run on a denon device has ,e super intrigued. Might have to pickup a broken sc5000 off of eBay and give it a go.

Ah, but that is perfectly possible: Here's how to run Android on your iPhone and iPad. No Jailbreak required. - JILAXZONE

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Perfectly possible, but what’s the point?

There is no reasonable explanation for somebody asking for the Firmware of a 2 channel standalone controller made by Pioneer to be ported onto a single deck media player made by Denon, its just waffle, time wasting waffle.