Denon SC6000 screen freezes and layer A has randomly died in sound output

So, i have two denon sc6000, both bought refurbished by denon, im already in contact with them about the issue and trying to resolve the problem. they have the opinion that it might be a corrupted database or files. So first i run my collection a big one more the 40k tracks through Serato, looking for corrupted files ran those through the program 3vise, 3vise - cflo inc. it repairs files that can be repaired or shows which can’t. after doing that i did a complete reinstall of engine dj on my mac, deleted the old library as well. Re-imported all my playlist in engine dj, whipped the internal samsung evo ssd harddrive in my scd6000 and reinstalled everything. Still got screen freezes when playing out.

So now put all my tracks directly through the 3vise program, found more problematic files repaired them and did all the above steps again. Still get screen freezes on the player. It freezes when i scroll, seen an other post about it and i think It’s when I scroll on the right side of the screen. When restarting the player screen functions again, scrolling with the knob still works when the screen is frozen.

The other problem is that layer randomly don’t give any sound output to my 1850 mixer, connected with digital cable. if i switch it with layer b cable to the mixer, It’s just fine. So I don’t think it’s the mixer, when player is restarted layer it will just work again. It only happens after I loaded a new track. At that moment my screen functions just fine, so it don’t seem related, and I can load the same track in layer B, and it will work just fine over my mixer.

So I can’t really replicate these problems at home or on Sunday when i play during the day at the same beach club. It only happens till now on Saturday evening when i play for a large crowd about 1500 people on the beach with a big sound system and big bass. I start wondering if the bass frequency might have an effect on the player. My DJ booth is about 15 feet, 4 or 5 meters behind the speakers. Any other people have had the same problem?.

the freezing might be due to fast scrolling searching through my playlist. But the cut-off sound of layer A is really weird.

So the problem is i live in the Caribbean, had the players shipped from the states to my place. i really don’t want to ship it back, (even that they still were reported with problems in warranty time of denon) its money wise not really interesting, shipping cost, taxes already paid for on the island etc. I have a Technician, he always took care of my sc5000m players so i can ask him to look at it.

But what to look for when it’s really randomly happening.

So any ideas are welcome, one post said it had its screen replaced, that fixed it for him. But because i have also the cutting off of sound randomly, it might be connected.

Any ideas, similar experiences and or possible solutions are welcome.

My players are at 3.2 software as well as my mac desktop engine software. Internal SSD in the sc6000 is an Samsung 870 SATA evo when i dj i use the SSD in the player.

Thnx, Thomas

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I’d test one piece of equipment at a time. Take one 6000 and run it through a different mixer or directly to a home theater amp. Test both layers. If that works try the other one. If that works, link the 2 and try again. Then include the mixer. You should be able to determine the problematic piece of gear and go from there.

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That’s the problem, ill will try it out on my backup 1850 mixer next Saturday, but its so randomly., and only happens on Saturday night. For sound cutting off and screen freezing. Ill will use next time as well other digital cables. But i don’t think it’s the cables because when restarting the player the sound is back and just fine on channel A. I already know which player got the problems, so that’s not it. it’s the other works just fine, had once a screen freeze on that one after repairing all my files that has worked just fine for 3 Saturdays in a row.

The player was already refurbished, so this might have been already the problem, but because it’s so randomly, even if i send it back they might not be able to replicate it and deem it as just fine.

Anyway thnx for your response

If it’s only happening in the club you’re playing in, it could be dirty power.

I’m always using a voltage regulator. But next Saturday I’ll bring my voltage regulator with backup energy. It has a meter to check the input and output. I did bring that for a while, but energy always seemed to be ok. We have 127 volt/ 50 herz on the island.

Is the player with the SSD the one that’s causing the problem, while the one that’s not causing the problem either doesn’t have it or is equipped with a different model? Perhaps it’s the SSD that’s causing the problem and causing your player to freeze. The ideal solution would be to remove the SSD and try the player simply on a USB Stick to see if this happens again. In any case, this could be an idea worth exploring.

Well I didn’t remove the ssd, but I have tried it with a portable sandisk ssd and had a freeze too but I’ll try to remove it this weekend and do an only portable session with the player. Because it was a few weeks ago and haddn’t repaired the music files. Both players have same model Samsung ssd and both formatted exfat

Thnx for the response.

I’ll will try and switch the ssd’s see if the freezing then starts on the other player or still is on the original problematic player.

Regarding the layer A digital output suddenly not working please test the analog output to see if it’s also muted at the same time when the digital stops working.

Also, you did not mention did you test with any other storage media + streaming?

Yes I think analog didn’t work either, but was a bit hectic to test, with puttin cables in and playing for a big crowd, I’ll set it up next Saturday before starting. Streaming is not an option, Wi-Fi is overloaded and hardly working during these evenings. Yes I tried external ssd had freeze but that was before I cleaned my library.

Thnx for the response

I have had the same problem with the sound stopping on one of my players. After I reboot it I have sound again. I has not happened in a while, and I now make a habit of rebooting everything before I do a live stream. I only have issues with the players if I leave them on for a few days.

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It is not your database, it is not dirty power, it is not a corrupt file. It is the Denon firmware. Revert your firmware to an older version and give it a try, then report back with your findings

Denon will continuously tell you it’s your database or a corrupt file, however the issues you describe have been present for a few firmware iterations now and they cannot find a resolution to the issue. I have been battling the same problem-- every time I use my SC5000s they will eventually not route a signal to my x1850, and it happens on all 4 channels.

Do you use Flac files? I actually have the same problem with the player crashing when I skip forward faster than the player has loaded. This does not happen with other file formats. I have also tested with large wav files, and they do not crash even if I jump to a cue point significantly further ahead than the player has loaded. I also experience the same issue where it takes an extremely long time to fully load files in the slave player.

ok Thnx for your response, ill try that for next week. playing tonight with all the changes, described above. next will be downgrading the software. but it it´s still strange only one player seems to be having the problems.

Ill have to check if there flac in my playlist but normally its all mp3 and some wav. but my player is not really crashing, when screen freezes i´ll still can scroll with my knobs, and sound cutt off is on first layer off the player only.

Thnx for the response

your also playing out with the players, if you say it only happens when you leave them on for a few days. that might point to some overheating or something. I play in the Caribbean on a beach it´s hot and moisty. but i´ll always have my palyer out of the cases and keep a bit of space between my players and my mixers so fans have breathing room. i only happens till now at night so no direct sunlight.

Thnx for your response

Yesterday I reverted my SC5000 firmware back to version 2.2.2, played on them for 6 hours and did not encounter the loss of signal to my x1850 on any channel. However I would like more time to ensure this pinpointed the firmware issue.

EDIT: Can confirm, played on the 5000s with firmware version 2.2.2 for a 5 hour gig last night and they did not drop in sound. So it’s definitely a firmware issue, not anything else.

So, last night I had one screen freeze and one one time my sound on the player layer A cut off. I had a digigital as an rca connection and both hadn’t sound coming thrue. When I loaded the same song in layer B, the sound came out just fine. After restart layer A got its sound back again.

I switched the ssd hard drives around in both players and the problematic player still had the problems.

Today during my day session on the beach I had a freeze for the first time. Now I tapped on the screen a bit harder and saw a jump in the playlist from one song to the other, tried to scroll and the screen was still frozen. So I started to tap harder on the screen and suddenly the screen unfroze. So now I almost certainly know that it’s the digitizer that somehow disconnects. And probably not a software or corrupted files problem.

Anyone ideas before I let a guy look at it if it’s an easy fix or a total replacement of the screen.

I start to think that the sound disconnecting also is something that is maybe a bit loose in the player. It’s definitely not the mixer, because this was my backup mixer and had the same problem.

Any suggestions always welcome, I got a technician that has openend up my sc5000m a few times probably harder to open then a sc6000 regular. But anyone experience with screens let me now.


Did you have a different placement of player towards bass speakers. I still wonder if it’s not something a bit loose that can disconnect due to bass frequencies.

I’ll probably will have in 1 or 2 weeks a 3th used sc6000 coming in if it works ok! I’ll have my technician open up the problematic player and have a look if he sees any problems. I find it hard to belief that mine has software problem while my other player is just fine and only layer A is affected.

Makes sense, we had several reports of screen issues with Prime hardware in general that turned out to be a damaged/loose ribbon cable. Mostly those jog screens, seems ribbon cable connectors that inmusic uses are not very sturdy and shipping can easily mess it up.

Audio output stopping on both digital and analog RCA is more concerning since only one player is affected, seems it’s not a firmware problem if other player works ok with same storage+files. But, you have nothing to loose if you downgrade the engine os version for testing.