Denon SC Live 4 working with LC6000?

Can I add a LC6000 to my SC Live 4 ? if so where do I plug it in ? Also if I can use it is it possible to have 2 and have 4 separate decks ?

Hello @Mark_Beedham Welcome to the forum.

You can add 2 LC6000’s to Your SC Live 4 and plug them in via USB. I recommend to use a powered USB HUB to get more USB connections on Your SC Live 4.

What kind of power hub ? I have never used one before , you mean to add more slots or to power the units ?

I meant a Powered USB HUB - a usb hub with it’s own power supply.

Like this one for example:

This way You get more USB connections and LC6000’s will have enough power to run without their own power supplies. Also more power for external USB SSD drives if You would use any…


Thank you so much for the tips

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You’re welcome, and happy mixing.

Would I be able to use the sc 4 live and Lc6000 in standalone mode by just plug the LC into the usb of the sc 4?

I would hope so , I’m not big on using serato with the laptop

I think it would because it’s possible to do with the prime 4. But who knows with the sc4. Let me know as I’ve just ordered the sc

According to Digital DJ Tips, it will work :blush:

“ 1. It won’t work with external CDJs or turntables – There’s nowhere to plug them in, as it is limited to two mic ins and an aux in, and none of those can route through EQ, FX etc. However, it will work with Denon DJ’s [ LC6000 controller decks”

Yes, this is how it works

If the lc6000 works , Makes me wonder if a sc5000 or sc6000 would plug in and work via USB

No. LC = layer controller, SC = media player

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As far as I’m concerned, and on my wish list, the SC series will also recieve the option of being used as a layer controller in a future update… It would make it a lot more convenient to play with 2x SC6000 together with a Prime 4

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Hi everyone!

I resurrect this thread, since I can’t have this setup working as suggested. I have the SC Live 4 with two LC6000 controllers. They work without issues when connected to USB 1 and USB 2 of the SC Live 4, but this leaves me with only SD Card for my media library and recording target media.

I’ve bought a powered USB Hub (4 ports) and tried every combination I could imagine to connect the LC6000s… But, either their not recognised, or I see the following message in the screen:

Please plug the LC6000 into USB Port 3 to controk Deck 3 or USB Port 4 to control Deck 4.

I’ve tried with only one LC6000, in every port of the USB Hub, and having the hub connected to both USB1 and USB2 of the SC Live 4. I’ve tried turning off the unit, changing the USB port of the LC6000 and then turning it on, just in case it doesn’t work with hot plugging…

Any ideas to make this work, or a way to troubleshoot? I’d love to know how USB ports are mapped / enumerated, when using the USB Hub…

The SC Live 4 is running Engine OS 3.0.1 and Controller version The LC6000s are both running version 00.30 for Controller and 00.49 for display.

Thanks in advance!


Just to make it clear, plugging one LC and the USB media with tracks into the hub and then into the SC Live does not work? If it doesn’t work, in what way it doesn’t: controller is not recognized, USB media is not recognized or both?

The media in the USB stick is recognised. It loads the tracks, the profile… can be used as if directy plug to the SC Live’s USB port.

The LC6000 gets power and lights are on, but the SC Live 4 shows the message that I posted earlier, telling me to connect it to either USB 3 or 4 ports.

The dongle I’m using, in case it matters, is this one:

Test with another usb hub to exclude it as being a problem. Also, do you have power supply for the LC6000? If yes, test it it also.

Already done both of those things (different USB hub and powering LC6000 with its adapter) Same result…

Have you make it work with USB Hub? If so, which brand / model?

Maybe some USB hubs can mess with port mapping / numbering or something like that?

But the SC Live USB ports are numbered 1 and 2. Soooo, what would port 3 and 4 be in the hub?

So many questions… xD