Denon prime 2 master volume issue?

Did anyone of you fixed - serviced your dj gear?

Yes I have an identical issue on my left main output, only happens when main volume knob is turned quickly, I have to set a sensible level before turning on the speakers, and if the master needs adjusting during the gig, I have to turn the master knob veeery slowly. Denon I am an electronics engineer, so if you have a reason for this issue, I could repair it myself (out of warranty now).

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Thank you for your feedback! As an electronics engineer do you have any clue why this is happening. I changed my potensiometer under warranty last year but after a few months its the same. What i have noticed is that this happens mostly when the gear is cold. After 5 or 6 hours of use the issue remains but only at 5 per cent or less. Its not the potensiometer i barely use it and my gear is as good as new.

I was hoping to get some info from Denon, or some sort of circuit diagram. I believe there is a DC offset in the signal path, usually caused by a faulty AC coupling capacitor, but with no actual info from Denon, this is a guess.

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If you find a solution please share. I hope we get some info from denon official. Everyone with the same issue should also post here. Thank you for your information.

I sent it my Prime 2 to warrany, almost two months has passed and they didn’t fixed it. It had more problems, like in the cue, a fader stop working, and a problem with the effect knob.

It’s taking two long.

Mine was gone for two months too, global parts shortage.

My advice is buy a cheap controller so you can keep DJing whilst it’s away.

I’m using one from a friend that is from native, but i hate it so much. Engine OS is so far away.

I have the same problem with my DJ Prime 2 headphone (grey volume knob labelled ‘Level’ - inside the section labelled ‘PHONES’ on the unit) ‘crackling’ when I rapidly turn the headphone volume up. If I turn the knob slowly, it doesn’t do it. I’ve also noticed it can do it with the black channel faders although this isn’t an issue when recording, probably as I fade up/down slowly not rapidly.

I made a video to demonstrate it, but it’s barely audible unless you have you headphones physically on your head so the camera’s microphone on a phone can’t pick it up too well.

The fault developed relatively quickly after purchase. I’ve only made 9 mixes on my DJ Prime 2 (not including practicing) so it’s not from over use. I’m guessing they’re faulty potentiometers from the factory.

I’ve looked for spare parts on Ebay and can’t find any. It doesn’t especially matter, it’s just annoying. It would be an issue when you come to sell the unit though as the next owner will notice it.

Have the same problem, let’s see what happens when it comes from the repair.

I bought a Numark Mixtrack Pro FX to use with Serato and its a great little controller for the price.

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Glad you like it, but this topic is about the denon prime 2 master volume issues.

Im offering an alternative temporary solution whilst the unit is being repaired… if my post is not relevant to you, you can just ignore it.

Ok, thank you for your feedback, i didn’t see your previous post about your denon prime.

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Thanks for the feedback and accept my apologies.

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No probs, just speaking from experience about the long delays for repair, mine has been back twice now for a total of 3 months since September. I have some sympathy for the company though as my area of work is also suffering with huge delays on getting hardware either new or having existing repaired.