Denon prime 2 master volume issue?

When i turn the master volume up or down very quick, even without any songs loaded, the right master channel meter peaks instantly and then drops.I dont have any other issue while playing, I accidentally discovered it yesterday while I was setting up for my set. This happens only when i turn the master volume up or down very quick. There is also a crackling sound when this happens. Running the latest firmware. It seems more like a software issue not hardware because other than that when i smoothly turn the volume up or down everything works fine. I don’t think that this is a problem with the potensiometer, I use the prime 2 for 7 hours 5 times a week as pro Dj with no other issues. My thought is that the master volume works like a midi sending info to the software and when i turn the volume quick maybe there is a bug. I believe that if the potensiometer was defected I would have issues everytime I even smoothly used it at my dj set. Any thoughts or anyone with a prime 2 to check if the same happens to you as well?

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Mine is the same especially on the auxiliary, not as bad on the master but still annoying

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The auxiliary does not affect the master level meters right? When i tried yesterday the auxiliary knob i didn’t see the master volume meters on my prime 2 move. The same with the booth but i had nothing connected to hear if there is a sound issue. Thanx for your time, let’s hope it is a software issue as it seems the knobs work as midi.

Anyone with the same issue?

I’m having the same issue with my master volume control Pops and bangs when initially setting up system levels from cold start after a few minutes it doesn’t happen. It’s absolutely dreadful it overpowers my speakers. and yes I do set up my gain structure properly from initial setup.

And yes I do set up my gain structure properly from initial setup.

Please contact Denon.

It sounds as though your device is experiencing a hardware issue and would benefit from a service or inspection under warranty.

My prime 2 is already at the service point.

Your speakers shouldn’t be on.

Turning your speakers on before you’ve powered up other things is asking for trouble. Turn them on last, once everything is up and running.

Please read my post I stated that I follow the correct procedure for startup always speakers on last off first

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Try as I might, I can’t see that statement anywhere.

Good afternoon, sorry to bother you. Have you figured out how to solve this problem yet? I also think it will be software because initially I never had this problem.

Hello, my prime 2 was under warranty, it was sent for service and they replaced the master volume knob.

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How long did it take to repair?

Less than one Week. It depends if the service center is close to you. I had to sent it via courier so I lost few days. When it was delivered they had to test it first and then repair it. I didn’t pay anything at all. It was all covered by warranty, the courier too.

Thaaaaaank you so much for the info. Really. Thank you.

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You are welcome! Hope you get it fixed soon.

After the latest update it started on mine!! any fix or have to send it in?

I doubt it has anything to do with the update. Contact denon support to get it fixed. Mine started doing it again…but now i noticed that after i finish my set (6 -8 hours), the problem is still there but very very minor. I mean only when i turn on my denon cold it is there 100 percent.

I have the same problem V2.2.2 on Denon GO. If the main volume is adjusted quickly the LEFT channel pops and displays full signal on the left hand meters. If the master knob is turned slowly, there are no issues or popping. Any suggestions DENON ?

The same as my prime 2. I got it fixed, they said they changed the potensiometer, but after some weeks i get the same. After my dj session the problem is there only at 5 per cent. Its more evident when i first start my gear. Like static when its cold. Denon never stated anything officially.