DJ Prime 2 headphone monitoring crackles when volume knob turned up

Hi everyone. I thought I would share this problem to see what other people think.

NB: I am intentionally exaggerating the speed of the headphone volume knob in the video being turned, so the crackling sound can be heard when recording it with a mobile phone away from the headphones - with the headphones on your head, the volume knob doesn’t have to be turned so rapidly to hear the crackling sound.

I’ve contacted Denon today and they kindly told me I only get a 1 year warranty for the DJ Prime 2 here in the UK, which was rather disappointing which means I have to pay for this problem to be fixed.

This is somewhat problematic as I wanted to sell this unit and get a DJ Prime 4 (bigger screen) but am cautious this same problem might also occur on the DJ Prime 4 also.

On that basis, I was curious if other people have experienced this problem and what they did, if anything, to fix it?

Thank you.

I got loud crackling when turning up the volume on my Prime 2, no fix sadly. When I turn it up slowly the crackle should stay away

On the Prime 4 no issues btw

i have the same problem with prime 2 1 year old