Denon Mcx8000 Traktor Map

Hello to all friends. I would like to know if there is a full map running for Traktor. Thank you :wink:

There can never be a full map. Traktor offers around 200 features, and there aren’t 200 buttons/encoders…

Some people write their own MIDI maps and use all sorts of weird and wonderful SHIFT + MODIFIER + BUTTON + HOLD type combinations of buttons and modes to allow mapping of more functions than there are buttons, but … what makes perfect sense to one person, just gets hopelessly complicated for another person.

Could you advise me a working map? Unfortunately on my mac never turns up

Hi. In the NI forum, a member by the name of “DjCacho” created a really good TRAKTOR mapping for the MCX8000. I’m currently using it. I can’t share it, as it’s not mine to share. To get it, you have to message him directly in the NI forum.

That’s the forum.

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DJ_Boothe, you’re definitely correct, in what may make perfect sense to one user, may not make much sense to another. If Denon was to listen to their customers, and make an attempt at satisfying their requests, and they would make this mapping for us (which I think plenty of users would dearly appreciate, I’m definitely crossing my fingers, I don’t see why they wouldn’t/couldn’t do it. Pioneer did), I’d suggest making the mapping control traktor with the actual layout of the controller. Nothing fancy. So like, the sampler controls would equal the remix deck controls. Cues, slicer, roll, everything. Just a simple mapping of core functionality. Whomever is in charge of handing out assignments to your devs, please assign someone this task. It would show us that you really listen and take our needs/wants seriously. (Sorry for the dramatics, lol) :slight_smile:

Hello friends. As I wrote earlier uzii305, I’ve been creating a mapping for some time to run our denon with traktor. I can not make the screens work. Doing tests, I managed to run the led of the platter, but when I went to save the configuration, it was not saved correctly and I have not made them work again. I offer my work to denon support, to help me run traktor or finish my work. regards

Has anyone tried using the MC7000 Traktor mapping file with MCX8000?

No, can you put the link? I try to prove it.

Testing platter leds Click Here


Would it be possible to have an official mapping with Display-Support?

Hi, the display mapping is not available because it requires a deep integration with the DJ software. A list of the MCX8000 MIDI commands can be found on the MCX8000 webpage.

Thank you.

Hi, if at least Denon make public the technical data about programing the MCX 8000 screens, maybe someone can do something, or NI can integrate in traktor. With the Denon silence or keeping in secret this information will be impossible.

It doesn’t work that way. NI has it’s own line of controllers with screens, they have no interest in supporting mcx8000 (or any other controller). As a part of Serato support, Denon is forbidden from helping other manufacturers adapt to using screens, VDJ did it on their own. That’s how this game plays, we have very little influence.

Since I do not get support from Denon or from Native, I will continue to improve my mapping, and if anyone is interested, contact me by private message.


V10 mapping update. Only contact with me.

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hello cacho I’m interested in the new mapping! you can send it to my mail! thank you

@djveleno I send you a e´mail. Regads!!

ok cacho ! ma your email is ?

Hello George from Greece .Can you please send me your new great traktor tsi djCacho and many thanks for your great job

whats your e´mail?