Denon DN-S3700 user hacks, solutions, fixes,

In the wild, there are these legendary units still working fine or with minor defects.

Lets make them last even longer, cause they are simply COOL :slight_smile:

This topic is to help owners with maintenance.

Please share your experience in finding & replacing parts, software & hardware solutions, improvements, interesting projects…

I have 4 of these and refuse to give them up! Absolutely love them! Only issue I have is sometimes when I put a CD in it gives me a load error. Powering them on or off doesn’t fix it. Tried a laser cleaner and that doesn’t do the trick either. Seems the laser gets stuck or something because it requires a soft bang to get them to read the CD. Anyone know of any other way to circumvent that issue?

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Same thing with all 4 of them?

The easy answer is “both” but is this a problem with shop bought CDs or home recorded CDs?

It would be extremely unlikely for 4 separate machines to suffer and identical issue.

Only with 2 of them. One that I take out on the road and the other that stays in the studio. Usually with the Serato Timecode CD. Not copies I burned at home either. Factory originals.

yeah big up the 3700’s, i’m a 3900 user forever.Anyone here replaced a start switch (plastic one) here? I bought the circuit/underbonnet pdf file for the 3900 but im not too confident about going in yet!

having some issues with my 3700s both of them having a delay effect with the movement of the platter and the sound… I’ve tried to get the downloads for the firmware. however i can’t seem to find the model number on the Denon site in the product list… HELP!!!

Platter delays wont be firmware related, especially not on two players simultaneously.

Is the delay apparent when using CDs, or with DJ software, DVS/timecode ?

using the time code CDs with SL3 software

In the PRESETS menu, makes sure that the Audio Curve option is OFF for any Timecode/DVS software use.

Audio Curve is kinder to speakers etc, but that kindness sort of “distracts” DVS/control tone software.

Other than that, it’s just the usual trial and error of getting the DJ software latency setting down low enough to get rid of any delays in performance, but keeping the latency setting high enough so that older PC’s or slower PC’s dont distort the audio.

Ok thanks a lot DJ_Boothe. I dropped it down from 10 to 5. And turned off the curve. Hopefully that helps. I’ll keep you informed.

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Bringing new life to these decks!

Features added:

Touchscreen 10 points, video output & mixing dual layer, dual sound card & up to 99 decks/layers & internal mixing, up to 6TB storage,… :slight_smile:


One of my platters stops after 20 minutes of of practicing on scratching… The music will still keep playing though the platter will no longer have any movement… I have to shut down the deck for a few minutes then platter will start to rotate again. I am using the USB audio files when this happens, though it occurs with CD’S TOO. The other deck works fine… This just happens when i practicing on scratching techniques… Any help would be appreciated…

I have a set of 3700’s connected to a Rane 62, and a MBP, running VDJ Pro V8. Only one of my units works properly in midi mode. The other does not spin and play like the other. i only get sound going on it when I click and hold the cue button with my mouse. I’ve posted the below video. Has anyone experienced this and can you help? I’ve visited all of the help websites from VDJ and have been struggling with this issue for a week .

Here’s the video link:

Thanks, Trev

My s3700 came with terrible plastic disks so I made my own from old vinyl records. They feel a lot better and now these come close to my turntables.

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the 3700 has a couple features in utility mode, set each deck to 1 & 2 if you remember how to do that. try that see if it works

I have one of these and the pitch fader on it is dead, but I can’t seem to find a replacement fader anywhere… does a sc5000 fader or something work? sc6000 maybe?

This deck isn’t that old so its pretty lame to hear that there isn’t any parts around for it…

Okay so I looked it up and it comes in two parts per say.

There is the pcb plus fader rail itself that says " 8U-110043-5" on it

While the rail itself without the pcb is called “963674100100S”

I called denon yesterday and they said the “without pcb” version is out of stock.

So I took the damn thing apart.

Thats how I got the other number and I’ll prob call them later again to sort this out in the morning.

Any of you guys get the midi hybred mode to work properly?

Depends on the DJ software you are using. From the videos I saw, with VDJ it has no issues, SSL has that bug where it jumps to INT mode after 15min, Traktor had a nasty bug where it would lock the pitch fader at +/- 8% (but one user made a nice .tsi mapping file where he bypassed that issue) and with SDJ it barely works because Serato changed the midi command range from SSL so lights on the S3700 cannot work.

Use VDJ in short. Or Traktor if you know your way around mapping or you are willing to put some cash for a custom mapping.