Denon dj next new firmware

Just wondering when will the new firmware with tidal and WiFi be release. Hopefully soon thxs😊

I was a denon hardware owner years ago and from what I remember they used to drop something nice for Christmas. I think it’s safe to say the next update will be just before Christmas. Only my thoughts and guessing though.

It would be good if they had a estimate date for the firmware updates.

But if denon said today, our next firmware release date is Feb 17 2020, then pioneer (or reloop or Roland or Gemini or Hercules lol) would just put their update or some sort of thunder-steal advert out on Feb 16.

But also what happens if Feb 17 gets near and some beta testing reveals a problem that needs a few weeks to fix? The release date would go by, and impatient people would spit fire at the missed deadline.

I think these are two reasons why updates are released then mentioned only on the day of the release.

firmware ready!

it does look like a 1.4 not beta available for download …

Firmware v1.4 is now available for Prime Series media players.

Download update here.


someone has information about what is new and has found its way into the new version.

complete change log?


Announcement video

Prime Series Firmware v1.4.0 Now Available! I just downloaded the firmware update, as always opted for the USB firmware update… downloaded, unzip image file, copied to USB, when to update on my prime 4, it did recognize the update, click on update… and it did say that it will take a few minutes… then … It shut off…? :confused: It never came back on… so I press the power button… the Denon Prime 4 logo appears on the screen… the version 1.4.0 show’s on the bottom right corner… But . Nothing happens…? It doesn’t go pass this point…? :frowning: VERY WORRIED!!! :confused: IT DOESN’T DO ANYTHING, OR GIVES ME ANY OPTION… :confused: I was on the 1.4 beta firmware before… :confused: any way to hard reset the prime 4 …? Or go back to previous firmware…? I try to conected to my laptop… nothing happens… :confused:

Sorry to hear about the trouble! Try the computer based update. Just hold down the eject button while powering on. You should see the update screen. Once you see this start the Updater from you computer.

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Final update works as expected.

But why only the SC5000/5000m got the preview for tracks ? The Prime4 guys also have had requested the preview for tracks without loading decks first.

Hope we will get this, too.

But all in all … nice update. Now I can use Prime4 even better - Thanx and Merry Christmas to all the Denon Team & Beta Testers and all other Prime users around the world.

:heart_eyes: :christmas_tree: :heart_eyes:


Hey guys, another question…all features from version 1.3.3 are included plus new feature in the 1.4?

thanx and MC

My reasoning here:


ahhh … okay … that make sence.

But we could choose the preview layer with the CUE Button. So that the track we like to preview only goes through the CUE layer.

Would love if you try that. But when it is impossible to code that, it will be also okay.

Thank you for your answer.

Normaly when I preview a track, my fader is always closed.

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What could be an option is to press the preview icon and let Prime4 ask you on which deck preview should play with similar interface as “load to deck”, the 1-2-3-4 selection and auto enable that cue. Your suggestion would also achieve that.

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hello rather directly headphone output cue active or not pre-listening is not done with the master

Unfortunately it seems that the “Microphone Cutting Out” problem has not been solved in this firmware.

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thank you… worked perfectly with the computer update… :slight_smile: right on time for my gigs… :wink: … one quick question… will the feature/sample track audio without loading that has been updated on the 5000’s … will be coming to the Prime 4…? seems like a really nice!!! and time saving feature… :slight_smile: will appreciate it for sure… :slight_smile: Also… I added mi mp3 to channel 3, as line … sound comes very nice… but… can seem to be able to send It to the Zone out…? am I doing something wrong…? Im trying to play a spotify continuous playlist on the zone out connected to the patio speakers… :slight_smile: