Denon DJ at NAMM '24?

Does Denon DJ have a presence at NAMM '24? Or even under the InMusic brand with Rane.

Not asking if they’re releasing new products, just if they have a stall so people can see which gear they have.

I don’t believe they have any presence whatsoever there, I might be wrong though.

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Nope. This was asked last year, NAMM isn’t a factor for InMusic anymore (hasn’t been for a while) as well as many other AV manufacturers. Even look at the Pioneer DJ booth, pretty scaled back.

NAMM’s dead baby.

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@vesnl you can go to the NAMM site and check the exhibitor list.

NAMM’s certainly not dead. There’s plenty of stuff there, but it’s not a DJ show. It’s really a music industry show, for retailers and musicians.

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So where IS InMusic showing up if it isn’t at NAMM?

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You’re looking at it, it’s called the internet.


NAMM seems to be interesting way to network and market your wares. Pioneer being there was enough to cause Corey Feldmen to show up at their booth, and tons of people then commenting on Corey Feldmen messing with DJ stuff, and on and on the circle of publicity goes. When I think of NAMM, I also think more of music instruments, production, and studio gear, rather than DJing, but InMusic does have a lot of this other stuff, too. You don’t really even need new products to show up. I am curious about the cost to have a booth, though.

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We’re not “Officially” at NAMM! Thanks guys.


I personally find it a missed opportunity that they’re not at Amsterdam Dance Event - thousands and thousands of DJs from every imaginable country in the world in one area, ranging from bedroom DJs to practically every top 100 name - seems much more relevant than NAMM to me.


I agree that physical presence is important if you want to people to get to know and try your gear. And not just the people invited to private rooms/sessions. Because the internet isn’t enough.


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