Denon Customer Support - I am more and more dissatisfied

Unfortunately, and I do this with a big sadness I have to say that I am not at all happy with the process of issuing a support request and the outcome of all my support requests so far.

What is the point of registering a product, uploading the proof of purchase, giving all and every information which is required if I have in case of a support request provide the same data and proof of purchase again. ? Please Denon, provide a “Request Support” button for each device in the list of registered products. If I look through the forum and see how many people have issues with there devices this button will be really helpful.

In my case I only want to get the latest firmware update for my x1850 !!! But why I can not only go to the download section, choosing the firmware and download it is another topic :frowning: Also any support request concerning MIDI documentation where never replied from Denon DJ support. Why in the world is it so secret to give this documentation out to customers.

I can get the MIDI messages from X1850 on my Mac but why the hell do I have to go to figure out all by myself instant to get access to an existing MIDI manual for the device ?

I know there will be some guys in the forum who will tell me how I can dare to have this expectations.

But come on guys, its 2022. A company should try to make all and everything to make customer more happy. Especially if devices are in a higher priced range and essential software features are missing and requests are open since a long time.

Unfortunately I am a more and more dissatisfied customer and slowly start to regret that I made the move to Denon :frowning:

I just took this big effort to fill a support request once again. Let’s see how long it will take and what will be the outcome and it it will be again only effort on my side.


You can, it’s here:-

@yeltsin No, not for X1850 :slight_smile:

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Yeah sorry, I see you’ve already posted on here:-

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There is text on the denon download page which says that it’s not there. Not just a default “link not found” sort of message