Database speed on Prime 4

Hi, How can I increase the search speed of the engine database on the Prime 4? I have about 85000 titles in the database and if I search for a title lasting almost 10 seconds until the searched tracks are displayed … that is clearly too long … Since I’m a mobile DJ I can not delete anything from the songs … is there a workaraud for that?

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What drive type/make/model are you using?

i am using a SSD Drive intern then Model: Sandig SDSSDA-1T00-G26 SSD Plus with 1 TB format in Exfat

That should be ok, have you tried plugging it in to a pc and running optimise library/clean up?

the SSD is installed in the Prime, I formatted it via MAc in Prime on exfat and then transferred my music from Engine Prime. In the settings of Engine Prime, I then triggered the optimization … Do I have to do that again with the Prime 4 drive?

run optimization while the Prime 4 is connected to the Mac and the mac can see the drive

that’s exactly how I did it … I think Prime 4 simply can not handle the number of tracks …

Could be, I have 40k woth of tracks and searches are pretty quick, you should probably log a ticket with support and see if they can help more.

You could also try splitting the collection in to 2 or 3 smaller collections.

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As a mobile DJ myself of many years I get concerned with how many mobile DJs use our status as a shield, a reason for why something /must/ change, why something isn’t perfect and must be.

I acknowledge that there are differences between mobile and other DJs working pattern. I understand that a club DJ will have normally worked out days ahead of a set or a slot exactly the tracks they are going to play and in what order and so searching never is needed. I understand that radio jocks or just internet radio jocks will have planned and backtimed their next show or shows down to the second including all the tracks.

It’s an easy thing to think then that mobile DJs need to react to crowd requests instantly. Some backbone is required instead. For managing people’s expectations.

I’ve had many events where all the possible reasons for a quick change of music was needed. Those instances where the floor is full to a particular genre of music, your next track is the same genre, then with 30 seconds of the playing track left, the floor clears and you need to pick a different genre to try and get them back. Same with ballads in the slow spot, you’ve got another slow Ballad cued up but halfway through the ballad the floor empties and you need a fast dance track quick.

Then there’s the bride-control issues. You can have the next great track cued up to play in 20 seconds but the bride suddenly yells for her all-time fav tune NEXT !!! Or you’re playing a song everyone else loves dancing to but the bride yells “get this one off”

Been there … had it… done it …

While nothing is ever fast enough and everything can be quicker, everything sleeker, everything more more more, how it is now isn’t bad.

I would say that changes to speed would be nice, but not essential as prime 4 has prepare list for a place to select and store future tracks for darn near instant loading access and also 4 decks.

These two features may not be at the front of everyone’s mind especially if they are coming from use of older systems which didn’t have these “lifesaving” features but both remove the need for hyper fast searches.


Thanks for your feedback, if it is not “important” for your workaround then just ignore it … in my case it happens very often that guests wish for an event at very short notice a certain title and then the time is just not there. … but everyone as he likes … I think a suvhe should not be more than 3 sec. to last; to endure, to continue.

It happens to me too. It happens to every mobile DJ too, I am sure.

The importance is on managing the audience expectations. If the audience get why they want at the snap of their fingers, they’ll expect it every where, every time.

There’s nothing wrong with accepting the request, carry on with the rest of the playing song and the song which you already had cued up for playing next after, and finding their request as part of your natural workflow, not theirs.

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Remember always that it is YOU the DJ, not them in the crowd. If they give you requests, tell them it will get played later on. The idea isn’t to get their request playing by the time they turn and walk from you to the dance floor.

Pamper the crowd too much and they will start thinking every DJ is lousy if their request isn’t played instantly. Some of them are already like that with their games of “play it now mister, we’re leaving in 10 minutes “

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Reading this, I really don’t get it.

A 10 seconds wait for a track request is too short nowadays… remembering the times to go through the vinyl and cd cases. :innocent:


But in other software DB searching is virtually instant, even with very large collections.

There’s a horse in the field opposite my house. I don’t ride it to work, I take the car.

Things move on for the better.

I know and the car will get faster with other fuel. I’m just reminiscing.

It’s the “instant gratification”, 3 sec. span of attention generation. Being 57 years old, I don’t get it either, but the world will keep spinning, with or without me.


DJs need more self confidence in their own choices of music and need to assert themselves politely when dealing with requests that are spat at them over the DJ booth boundaries, not just crumble, not just abandon their own Dj choices of what they were going to play next. But keep the flexibility of taking requests, if it’s that sort of gathering, but offer to fit the newly received request in, sometime later not promise to play the new request in 5 or 10 seconds

i can not believe it !!! We are talking about a workaround that works for every “computer based” softeware eg record box (with which I have been working for years) and Traktor & Serato works fine and now the “Shitstorm” does not work so well with Dernon in its “stand alone system” important is ???

for all we love, we live in 2019 … that should and “must” that simply work … I’ve paid the device expensive and I just expect things like that just run …

Otherwise, I can also put back my 1210 MKII and do it like “earlier”

That’s the way = don’t crumble to everyone. Stand up for your ideas , including the “yo DJ , play it immediately” requesters

FWIW. My current “collection” on my external SSD is about a tenth (9200) of yours. Search is instant with every character I type in; not 10 seconds, so I cannot confirm or deny the problem. Both on the Prime4 and on my SC5000’s.

Yes, 10 seconds is long, perhaps too long, but if that hinders your professional DJ life and the suggested 3 seconds do not… I just find it hard to believe there would be no time left, if that’s really the argument.

Could you try 1.4 public beta2 and report back on how that goes?

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