Corrupt database

Hi friends, I purchased a Sandisk Extreme Pro SD card and synced my collection via engine desktop. My collection on Engine desktop is shared from rekordbox. Some day ago during an event, accidentally i removed sd card and corrupted my databese. I formatted it fat 32 and copied entire collection by engine another time, but program not loaded all playlist, only collection folder was available. Formatted another time, and sinc by engine, and now work. To prevent any risk i bought usb stick Corsair Slider x1 as a spare. Synchronize with engine dj with my collection, inserted it in my cinsolle, loaded the first track and after a few minutes it shows the message that the database is corrupted and I lost all my playlist and track. This whole situation is very frustrating. I come from Pioneer and Rekordbok and nothing like this has ever happened to me. Someone can help me to find a solution?


Try it formated as ExFat

already done both in exfat

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Are you using PC or Mac?

I use pc os Windows 11

I’m having the same type of issue. Sandisk Ultra SD card, Windows 11, SC Live 4. Engine 4.0 on both PC and the SC Live. Whenever I sync my library to the SD card it comes up as corrupted database and has nothing in the collection. Music is there in folders, but not analyzed and no search since nothing is in the collection until I load each song and analyze it on the fly.

@morlock, @Rodolfodj , I’m dealing w/ this exact same issue and am working on a utility to forward migrate data from a database that is causing this corruption.

Do you store your music directly on your computer or do you store it on an external volume? I personally store my music on an external SSD, and thus have two databases to deal with. In my case, the one on the computer mostly stores playlists and history, while the Database on the SSD stores Track information, album art and playlist information also.

My tool thus far has allowed me to forward migrate Track information (Song, Album Art, Cues, Loops) to a new database from an old. I’m right in the early stages of migrating playlists.

would you be willing to share your databases with me? I’d like to look at the integrity of them.

Also what version of Engine DJ are you running?

Here is the db

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Thank you.

I’m right in the middle of trying to figure out where the integrity of the data is off in my own setup.

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Hi I have engine 4 on pc and on console. How can share database? What mean? Not understand :pensive:. So I tried anytime to format Corsair usb stick, and same thing occurs after one minutes of playing track.

Hi everyone, yesterday I exported my entire collection to an external HD just for the backup renewal and I also received the same corrupt database message.

I’m using Engine DJ 4.0 and Windows 11.

This whole situation is absurd. you can’t work with this engine. Imagine how embarrassing it was during a wedding, when I lost all my music. I’m forced to switch to Pioneer again. I’m really, really disappointed with this system

I recognize InMusic/Engine’s gigantic effort in improving the Engine OS system, however, for a long time I have been saying that the desktop software is outdated, deficient and requires urgent improvements, mainly because it is a tool that manipulates our libraries (our greatest treasure), since I switched from pioneer/serato to denon/engine, I have been suffering with this software, some examples: songs in red, the software is unable to relocate automatically, you have to do it song by song, the software does not give us the possibility of grouping the missing tracks, an absurdity, in a library with almost 40,000 songs I need to spend a whole day looking for them or resort and “pay” for the lexicon, another absurdity, in the middle of 2024, we don’t have a multi-lingual software, the export/synchronization system is confusing, until today no one has been able to answer my questions about library organization, if I spend months organizing my P4’s internal library and use the software’s synchronization to organize mine notebook library what will happen?, am I going to fix the notebook library with the changes to the INTERNAL SSD or ruin the INTERNAL SSD with the notebook mess?, it needs to have a mechanism with configurable directions, like: do you want to send it from A to B or from B to A?, not to mention that if there is a single red stripe, I can’t make the backup, crashes, freezes, and now, corrupted database.

You should not really need to do this except there is a workflow that involves you playing direct from Folders on your P4.

Perhaps a feature request is needed just like in itunes whereby one can disable engine’s organization. for those who want to mirror their desktop collection file structure to their performance drive.

This could be a complex task though because some people just have disorganized folder/file structure. They have music in desktop folders/documents/downloads etc. My file/folders used to be this way as well.

In such case Engine would have to create Folders in the drive corresponding to those.

If you organize your P4 SSD file/folders manually/directly, Sync Manager WILL NOT work. Thats the short answer.

You will not be able to sync back changes made on the P4 SSD to your notebook’s SSD using Engine DJ.

Think of it this way, you left your key somewhere, then someone you live with takes it and kept it for you somewhere else because they feel you should not be keeping the key where you left it. When you need your key you would go look for it where you originally left it.

or another example

Your house mate drives your car but when she returns she kept the keys in a different location from where you usually keep it.

Excellent comments @mufasa , thanks for the answers, that’s exactly what it’s about, many members migrate from SERATO, it’s one of the most used software in the world, and there, relocating files is excellent, things work, about organizing the library in external drivers, that’s it. for me, it’s the most common, if I want to mirror my library from the EXTERNAL SSD to my notebook, firstly, I need to have space, secondly, I need to copy and paste the file into “my music” because my library is huge, I want being able to migrate my library from one place to another without problems, I organize it on the drive, migrate to the notebook, organize it on the notebook, migrate to another drive, in short, the process should be simple and uncomplicated, even regarding the lost files, IT NEVER WORKED WITH ME the auto reallocate function, never!

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This is my workflow. I am a serato user as well

  • My Macbook has 1Tb storage i do not have any music on this 1TB drive

  • I have a 2TB Samsung T7 usb c - this is where i have all my Music

  • I just downloaded 30 new tracks today - I download those files directly to the T7 from the internet. I have chrome set up so it asks me where do i want the file downloaded to. Depending on the genre i choose the corresponding folder on the T7 as the destination. All the tracks i downloaded today are HOUSE tracks, so i chose my HOUSE folder on the T7

  • I updated Serato with the new tracks and they automatically go to SMART CRATES in Serato. Then exit Serato

  • Then i sync my Serato Library to Engine DJ, the new tracks get added and are also filtered into similar smart crates in Engine DJ based on the tags. #Afro #House #Tech #Peaktime #Club #Pop #Remix etc

  • Now i have another Sandisk SSD which i use with the SC5/6000

  • I plug the Sandisk SSD to the mac and i use sync manager to add the new tracks to the Sandisk SSD.

im having the same issue and opened a ticket with support but that have not been very responsive. I wish someone from Tech support would at least acknowledge the issue and say that they are working on a solution…

This happened when i went to Engine 4.0 on my desktop. I think Engine on the Prime units are working fine.

So this problem is with this new update 4.0 of engine? Previous version not have this problem? I come to engine and Denon from a few week only.

I transferred my collection to a hard drive to put it on the prime 4 (Internal), after spending 300 GB I connected it to the prime 4 and the same thing, corrupted database. This is also happening to me, I have updated music in a folder on my laptop, I want to transfer it to my external hard drive, which I use for my sessions, I select all the songs in that folder and drag them to Engine to transfer them to the external hard drive, and instead of copying only the new songs, it copies all the songs in the folder again, duplicating everything.

Yes definitely a new issue and not common.

It will be interesting to try and get to the bottom of what is causing it.