Control disc tightness with QR

So I had SC5000Ms before upgrading to the 6000Ms and I absolutely hate the Quick Release adapters. I think it was a huge mistake to use them on these players.

I have to constantly pull up on them to keep the control disc loose and then within minutes they return back to being tight again.

I honestly wish I could use the adapters from the 5000M but they are out of stock and I sold my pair before I upgraded to these.

Is there a fix for this ?


Looks like someone is having very heavy hands… First time I see that someone is having a problem with the control vinyl adapter…

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I have the same problem.

The quick release is the issue.

It does not stay up.

I have the 5000m as well.

Even with a feather touch it goes down

I m of the opinion that gravity affects it as well.

I may have reported it as well.


Put 1 or 2 washers under the disc to elevate it. That will keep it raised and resolve your issue.


OK, than the spring in the quick release is maybe too soft…? Maybe a new spring needed?

Good suggestion. I see this been shared in the Rane One groups. I will try this.

Cheaper than 60usd + shipping + custom fees

It will be nice if one can buy the 5000m assembly (Allen key type) direct from the regional Denon parts department.

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Contact below (UK)

This is where I get my parts from. Including numark parts!

Unit 3, Nexus Park Lysons Avenue Ash Vale Hampshire GU12 5QE United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1252 896 000

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Metal washers ? I have to find something that will keep the spacing but not be metal to metal as the bottom of the control disc is metal.

Or plastic ones… You choose.

You can use metal and cover with a sticker or tape and cut around to size so it suits.

Lots of choices, cd or DVD disc will work

You can even craft it from wood.

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Maybe cut out from a plastic membership card or old bank card?

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So the washer goes between control disc and slipmat ?

Sheets of different card thicknesses can be easily cut to accommodate your quest for that right feel. You can even try a thicker felt slipmat. Lots to choose from made for the portable scratch turntable from numark and vestax. . 7" mats will work just fine size wise.

I currently don’t have either the old or new adapter in use as I’ve changed the way my 6kms look with rane one platters. Now I’m using a rubber tap washer that fits snug over the spindle and claps down a 7" vinyl via friction. If I want it loose I lift it a little or push it fully down for a bity torque feel. Note too high it won’t have enough contact on the vinyl and does nothing to the audio playing. Pack of 4 tap washers cost me under £2


I called Denon and they are out of stock of the 5000m vinyl assy which includes the Allen key adapter. Can’t find it anywhere else in stock.

Did you know you call up and ask about the ns7iii control disc?

When I had the ns7ii I remember that has the very same alankey locking but it’s the oldskool 45 adaptor look instead. Even discussed on this forum that the mat look platters fit the 5000m straight off the ns7.

They all use same spindle same motor etc.

Look at pictures of these units with out the platter installed on Google images etc

Sc5000m Ns7 Ns7ii Ns7iii

Sc6000m Rane 12 Rane one

Check the layout of screw placement holding the motor and motor base and spindle are all the same.

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It’s on back order with no ETA at instrumental parts as well.

I emailed them

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They are not the same. The SC5000M / 6000M have a different motor than the NS7 V7 They do not fit the spindle and are not interchangeable. The spindle is smaller in thickness on the NS7/V7’s

The Rane Twelve and SC models I do believe have the same thickness spindle and so they should work but I can’t confirm or deny that either.

Have you checked this post out?

Chrisportif has used the ns7 platter on his 5000m with 12inchskin custom disc and spindle which are currently available.

I used to trade in DJ turntables years back and believe it or not most used same parts. I don’t see any difference when studying pictures for motor placements used in ns7, ii, iii, sc5, sc6, R one & 12.

The blueprints have the same, close or similar layout. However I can’t confirm nor deny too and if the spindle thickness is smaller on past units then that could be an issue to fit to current models.

The platter may fit but I recently got my hands on the spindle adapter from an NS7 and the spindle adapter does not fit the SC6000M. The hole in the center of the adapter is about 1/8 smaller than the adapter for the 5000/6000M and also the holes to mount on the control disc are slightly different also.

That’s a shame they didn’t fit. Have you checked out the 12inchskinz site as they make custom centre adaptor.

Or have you tried any another tips or hacks to make your quick release feel better?

Ive put these plastic washers under the control disc and that seems to help… But I really want the Adapter that you screw down with the Allen key. 12inchSkinz makes the center adapter for the SC5000M. I would have to ask if they could make me a 6000M control disc that works with that specific adapter as I don’t see that option on the site.

Another thing that’s weird is I find that if its humid in the ambient temperature the control disc is tighter and is harder to move independently of the platter. Even with the plastic washer im using. Once the humidity is lowered or removed they get loose.

So on top of everything just a very annoying situation regarding my experience with the 6000M/s My 5000M/s I never had this issue and in many ways because of this behavior they were far superior.

I just want to walk ups to them and use them and they work the way they are supposed to instantly I don’t want to sit and pull up and fiddle around with the control discs every single time I want to play