Constant Crashes

I have a dream… to one day be able to play more than 15 minutes without my prime 4 crashing and rebooting. I don’t think it’s too much to ask when you’ve spent the best part of 2 grand on something, to expect the thing to work. At this point I’m starting to feel that I’ve been scammed.

Tried wifi on, off, connected, disconnected, latest firmware, older firmware, standing on my head, sacrificing my first born.


Have you tried asking your retailer to send it in for repair under warranty? or raising a support ticket with Denon via their official channel?

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If it was firmware, every prime 4 out there would be behaving the same, which they’re not.

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I don’t use Wi-Fi and it works great for me, I guess it depends on a good connection, but that’s why I’ve never tried it… I’m more of a classic;)

Mine is fine plays 6hrs four times a week and not in a bedroom enviroment. Maybe your tracks are not quite up to par. Maybe its “operator error” try refladhing firmware, but as @Pasha says others arent having this issue… but thats not to say you got a glitch in the update process


It will sometimes not happen for a few weeks and then all of a sudden it will happen every 5 mins. I’ll try a reflash first because it didn’t happen until a certain update that I am now struggling to remember

So if it doesn’t do it for a few weeks, surely your dreams are answered? As per your OP.

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That sounds more like the tracks rather than the unit. Reflash 2.2 … but i suspect the issue will still be there

I could believe its the tracks if there was a pattern to it. It’s not the same tracks crashing it, the same track it crashed on will play fine the next time

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Well, when I say weeks…I’m just an old techno junkie who maybe gets 1-2 hours per week spare time maximum to play. Sometimes I don’t go on it for a week or 2. Maybe it’s doing it every couple of hours. Today it was 3 times every 10-15 minutes into recording

I was taking the mick, nothing to be serious about.

It sounds frustrating as hell, you should report it though especially if it’s in warranty, try and get it on video, that’s what I did with my prime 2.

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Ah the dreaded DENON PRIME 4 issues… As an owner and supporter of DENON DJ PRODUCTS, PRIME GO, PRIME 2, SC5000’S, SC 5000M’S. I had the Prime 4, please understand this unit is way ahead of any controller out there, I had to give up on mine due to many errors after several software/hardware updates, totally lost the ability to use it in vinyl mode on the left deck, Denon DJ Tech support was great, I really do think I may have had a unit with bad chips in it ( it happens I should know I worked at IBM for years during and after Audio Productiin school ). If you are in the group of kinfolk of a faulty unit like me, I feel maybe the next time DENON DJ have In store visits at your local music store chain, maybe they verify the issue with you ( scratch that thought ) Or just make a video of the issue you are having and post it to YouTube, trust me there are others going through the same issue. I have some across WiFi issues recently with my other units after the 2.0 version update, I figured out by trial and error and I have the latest version on all my units. Denon DJ tech support are great will getting on the phone with you and never have I had any issue with them. DENON DJ DOES LISTEN AND WORK VERY HARD TO MAKE SURE US IN THE DJ COMMUNITY ARE HEARD. KEEP THE COMMUNICATION OPEN WITH THEM again it just may be a faulty unit that Denon DJ may look further into for you without dealing with the retailer, who at times is just in it for the $.

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Reinstalled firmware from the computer and it was working fine until today when it crashed 3 times about 6 minutes apart. Turned WiFi off and it’s had no crashes as of yet so I’ll have to see how that goes, I don’t stream music anyway so I can live without the WiFi

45 minutes today before crash again, also doing this now in the video (excuse the language)

But it is doing this only when you are trying to play something from streaming services?

No, I’m just playing directly off the ssd inside the unit

Quick update. I tried to downgrade back to the original fw and then update again to 2.3.2 and had no luck.

Went through chat support who recommended disconnecting the ssd and try playing with just the pre installed tracks… Still crashing so they opened a support ticket

I have sequentially gone back firmwares and have found 2.3.0 to be stable so far, I’ll report back here if there’s any change

Spoke to soon, crasharooney :sob:

Ok, can you try using streaming services and make it crash loading tracks from there? If you can, that would eliminate your SSD/tracks/metadata as the source of issue.

Of course, before that put the unit back on the latest firmware.

After that I would look for outside causes that you can eliminate (since by description you are using the unit at home) - power surge/ grounding issue, EM sources such as unshielded speakers, UV bars, radio sources (we have a video where a walkie-talkie sends a prime unit into reboot fyi).

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It crashes if I remove the ssd and just use the demo tracks that are pre loaded so that rules the hard drive out