Changing which Serato deck is controlled by each SC5000

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What did you do so far to troubleshoot the issue?

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nothing else, I’m waiting for help from this forum…

Play around with connections (number of units connected, order of plugging them, etc) and then report back. See if the problem remains with a specific unit. Troubleshooting basics.

not working…

From the video, it seems that on the left deck you’re able to choose whether you’d like to change which of the four serato decks you can control by either cycling through decks 1,2,3,4 with the Layer button OR by pressing the 1,2,3,4 on the touch screen, wheras on the right hand deck, you can only choose the deck by pressing 1,2,3,4 on the touch screen, but not by cycling the Layer button.

Is that the situation ?

this is exactly the problem I have.

Ok, so, you are able to access any of seratos 4 on-screen decks from either of your SC5000’s ?

from the screen I can use the buttons no.

So you can select any of the 4 on-screen players on either hardware deck?

I can choose who I want from the screen but only plays the first deck

I´m Having the exact same problem and I cant see any resolve of this issue?

I just got 1 of my sc5000 back from repair @ denon and i put everything back together.

But then i stumpled apon this problem.

Left hand side Deck can change and do all the normal stuff.

Right Hand Side Deck only works as the first deck.

I have reinstalled all driver I have unplugged everything and changed ports etc. but no change.

What can the problem be?

I have read that there are differences to how Serato DJ can be used with SC5000 depending on if you have DVS add-on enabled in SDJ.

I got the Serato DJ Pro Full License so I have all the nessary addons/plugins available and I had it working fine before one of my players went back to denon for some repairs.

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Tried using just one SC5000 to see if the problem stays with a specific deck?

Hello, how did you solve this problem? I have the same problem

Hi, has a fix been found for this? Just received my sc5000 back from repair. All works great in Prime ecosystem but not in Serato. The layer button stays green regardless of what layer but deck on screen changes colour but not jog, thats stays green also. Thanks

Hi, I came a cross the same problem as you today after receiving one sc5000 back from repair. Did you manage to find a solution to this issue?

Thanks Andrew

Hello . mine was solved yes. contact denon send the serial number of the device they will send an update for each serial number. mine all worked out

Hi, appreciate the quick response and thanks for the information :+1:

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