Sc5000 not work deck 2 in serato

hello … I’m using my sc5000 with serato, but only deck 01 does not understand why … I load deck two and only the deck wheel 1 has gone through this? use serato board sl3 mixer djm 2000 and two sc500

Hey @djsamambaia are you on the latest version of Serato?

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Did you assign the second SC5000 to Deck 2/3

yes… dont work

Does the two virtual decks in Serato DJ show up when you connect the SL3 on its own?

Check that you have selected Internal mode on Serato DJ if you want to use the SC5000. I hope you have the Sc5000 non motorised.

Check that you have the latest firmware on both units.

Check that the Serato DJ Pro version you have is at least 2.0.5.

Stay away from 2.1 for now.

Check your USB cables

Ensure that SL3 USB is connected directly to laptop. Do not use a hub for the SL3.

This is all done … I will downgrade to serato 2.0.5 but it still did not work … I think it’s a problem with my sc5000 that is not motorized

What firmware is the SC5000 on?

1.2.2 othe last one you have some other that works?

That’s the latest one.

I’ve since swapped my SC5000 for the Ms. But I definitely used it with Serato.

The only other thing I can think of is perhaps the Rane SL3 as you did mention that your CDJs work.

I had issues using the 5000 with Rane 72.

Is there any way you can perhaps try the SC5000 with a mixer like the S9 or Nexus/2 as a last resort?

I have already used rane 62 and S9 of the same problem

The second deck might be the issue since you confirmed that one works.

Return it.

in fact both work, but only works as deck 1. the others I can not access. I posted a video

Where is the video?

Vídeo 24-12-2018 03 25 07~1.mp4 (4.0 MB)

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If you manually load a track using the mouse to deck 2 (drag n drop or keyboard)…does it play?

Yes, but I can not control it with sc5000. I found in the forum another person with the same problem but it does not say if it was solved.