Cannot boot up from battery

Using a brand new Prime Go with latest firmware v1.5.2.

I can boot up / power up just fine when plugged in with the charger cable.

But I CANNOT boot up successfully when trying to power up from battery. It looks like everything is booting up fine, but then after a minute the screen will say: “Touch and hold button to turn on” and then there will be a message with a short 5 second countdown that says “Unit will automatically shut down in X seconds”.

When I try to hold the power button the unit seems to reboot, but then it will just power off.

Also when I don’t do anything and let the countdown go to zero it’ll just power off.

I guess this might be a bug?

Has anybody here been able to successfully boot from just battery power on the Prime Go? If so are there different boot up steps than just clicking on the power button?

Hi @djchoice, welcome to the forum.

Do you use the touchscreen button or the physical button? :relieved:

I’m using the power button in the back of the unit

When you see the power button onscreen, you need to press and hold that image!

When I get that message and I press and hold the power button the unit will just power down.

When I boot up with the power plug in, I don’t get any of those messages. It’ll boot up just fine.

When you get that message, you need to press/tab and hold the touchscreen’s power button image (NOT the physical knob on the back!).

Please make a short video and post it here.

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Omg…I feel so stupid. That did the trick! Thanks Reese!

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Nice one.

Rest assured, you’re not the only one! :smirk:

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