Boot issues - - Press and hold button to turn on

Hi there,

I have just received my Prime Go and having a strange issue.

I press the “on” button.

The unit shows the Engine OS screen and the background LEDs light up Then the following comes up: [Boot issue - Prime Go]

“Press and hold button to turn on.” “unit will automatically shut down in x seconds”

The unit shuts down after 5 seconds.

This happens each time I have tried to start it.

Any ideas? Here is a video (link) that displays the issue.

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Denon Go - Boot Issue

you must press and hold the power button that appears on the monitor.


Oh god! I cannot believe how stupid I have been. Thank you for not laughing! :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy:

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lol, I had the same issue. I’ve recorded a video and I was about to post it here… I think this is very confusing UX.

I am glad it wasn’t just me! I felt really stupid afterwards!! Ha.

Don’t feel bad. When I first got my Prime Go, I thought it was broken. I called Denon tech support, and the engineers had to put me on hold till they figured out what I was doing wrong.

The instructions should say

Press and hold --> Here <-- to turn on