Can i use SDXC UHS-I up to 512Go in Prime GO

There is no SDXC logo on any of the information anywhere. Does the unit also accept the 512Go UHS-I or UHS-2 capacity SDXC cards? Which read speed is recommended? Best regards

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The SC5000, Akai Force, and MPC Live do. I imagine the Go will as well.

I have a 1TB micro SD card with adapter, Sandisk. Going to try it!

The go reads my 256 SanDisk just fine.

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I’m also using a 1TB micro SD with adapter. It works completely fine. A little overkill, but that just means plenty of room for down the road.

Related question; will a normal ssd in an external case connected to the normal usb also work? My Denon Prime Go is on the way

Thanks Seb

Formatted correctly it should do, yes. I’m sure others here have done this.