BUG? Previous/Next track buttons sometimes jump back to previously highlighted with mouse track

Hi, I’m just starting my Denon journey, so have a lot of tracks i need to whiz through and check the beatgrids are correct on, I was quite pleased to find Engine DJ has Prev/Next buttons to speed the process up, but I’m finding every now and then, instead of ‘Next’ it jumps to whatever one was highlighted with the mouse before starting to use the Prev/Next buttons.

It’s pretty annoying if you’re halfway down a big playlist that the Next button takes you somewhere else instead of the Next track

Using the latest Engine and the Latest OSX


I recently posted this issue too - and had another user recreate it. You’ll find that you can move forward after 3 clicks on FWD but then it will jump again and then the next time you will need 4 clicks, then 5, then 6 etc. Its an odd one but should be an easy fix for Denon.

Incidentally, I wanted to use the FWD/BCK for exactly the same reason as you - locking beat grids on a number of tracks quickly!

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